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    Looks like a DREAM house Andre. Good luck with it… I love love LOVE your laundry plan…. imagine, NEVER lifting another washing basket again… fantastico!!

    Can’t wait to see your model. :tup:


    Looking good Andre.

    Check out the Penguin House or on Youtube, might give you some ideas for your tower.



    I think it looks great, but you may have to reconsider rammed earth for the interior walls. It’s certainly not impossible, but I imagine you’re going for a more bespoke look where no wall is the same. With rammed earth however, you’ll have to build a curved formwork.

    A better option would be adobe perhaps?

    If you can find a book from the library called “Small Strawbale”, by Bill Steen, Athena Swentzell Steen and Wayne J Bingham, it would be very relevant to your house design. They incorporate many adobe walls in amongst the strawbale, because it allows you to have different shapes and even built-in shelves. If you are planning to use adobe, you can also incorporate (and recycle) glass bottles to let in light.

    I think the tower would be your biggest talking piece of the house though, and what an entrance!!


    Thanx all

    At the moment erthgirl, it is a dream.

    Woz – I’ll certainly visit Penguin house. :tup:

    Metu – the interior walls will all use the same form-work. The arc with a 5 m radius. The tower is a 2.5 m radius. But, I will look further into adobe. :shy:

    Tassie Tiger

    The basic shape reminds of a breaking wave or water droplet is this perchance the influence of your naval experiences? 😉

    Pantry seems a bit far from the kitchen. I’d be starving by the time I got there and back to the kitchen:lol: What about putting it where the laundry is and combine the mud room (you poser:o) and laundry?

    And, are you sure its a tower and not a bridge as in ship?

    Wont you need concrete for the footings given that the walls will be load bearing?

    Fantastic concept though would love to be able to help you with the construction. Room for another caravan on the block???


    hmmm.. I didn’t consider that aspect TT, the concept of ‘organic’ popped up though…

    I dare say TT that, when I finally get to a dottering old man .. like some ;), then the pantry would seem a distance, but there is a reason for this: mainly I wanted to have the kitchen, laundry and toilet close together to share the plumbing wall, with bathroom etc directly above for the same reason. Another reason why the placement of the pantry is that I would like to incorporate one of those air-cooled cupboards that David Holmgren has, and it is convenient to bring the harvest in for sorting without cluttering up the kitchen. (more than I normally do).

    As for concrete footing: want to keep the use of concrete to a minimum due to its huge embodied energy. John Glassford from Huf’n Puff has a rubble-trench design. (should be a pic attached).

    For some further inspiration, this link is worth a look.

    Plenty of room on the block TT, and no, it is NOT a ship’s bridge.


    And here is a diagram of the straw construction technique ..


    And for the tower, assuming i enclose it, I would like to have something similar to this reciprocating design.

    This was copied from the site:

    Tassie Tiger

    Visited the NZ site inspiring stuff I can see where the curves came from.:tup:

    Will that footing design be usable in your type of soil? I will be interested to here how the approval process goes:geek:

    Well I better “dodder” off now and get some lunch. Its a long walk to the fridge from here:p You young whipper snippers might laugh but it comes to us all 🙁


    TT, it is true that the footings will depend on the soil structure, which is where the soil report will come in handy …

    We’ll see how we go, but if it means the foundations are a bit deeper to compensate, then I would prefer doing that before I bring in X tonnes of concrete.

    I’m hoping to get away with just having to put in about 10% in the rammed earth walls, simply to satisfy the councils concerns – not because it is really needed.

    I did some ‘research’ with demo yards / recyclers / trading post etc .. and to get the building materials to lock up and habitable came to around $45,000. this was including my at-the-time estimate on the strawbale cost; secondhand 1.5 kW solar set up; solar hot water and a wood stove.

    I realise that by the time I actually get to build, some of those prices will have changed, but it is a guide.

    and TT … don’t know if they have the hi-tech stuff down there yet, but try a motorised zimmer-frame. :tongue:

    Tassie Tiger

    I agree with you on the concrete – if you can avoid using it so much the better. I like the idea of the “fill” footings. I built a retaining wall using that method and it worked really well.:tup:

    Re the ZF its battery powered and I forgot to plug it in this morning:confused: Must be “oldtimers” I think:( now where did I put that ZF ah, um, er, …………………. I’ll get back to ya:lol:


    That is certainly thinking outside the square, or the rectangle even! Looks fantastic.

    Is that 2 staircases I see?

    It would be good to show it to an architect with a interest in alernative architecture.

    I designed and built my passive solar house but have to confess I didn’t quite get it right. All that air movement stuff, I stuffed it up.


    Looks great mate!

    I may have missed it but are you having a composting loo?



    TT . you ZF is by the back door, where you always leave it! sheesh … :tongue:

    Thanks murphyslaw … I was going to upload various elevation sketches, but to be honest, I haven’t figured out the roof line yet. When I start putting together the scale model .. we’ll see how we go. At this stage, to make it simpler (easier) I might have the roof line for the house all the same … otherwise the technical side of things will get beyond me I suspect.

    Nev, I would like a composting toilet … I know DW is not keen on it … but, well… if it its the only loo in the joint …… i suspect it will get used .. but then I’d never here the end of it.

    I dare say there will be a normal one & a composting one as well. I know you can get composting loos for slabs/ground floors, but I reckon I’ll put one upstairs backing onto the west wall, that way the chute and waste treatment can be dealt with via a outside service entrance on the ground. DW is quite welcome to use the ‘normal’ loo .. but that would mean a trip up and down stairs … 😉

    My newest addition arrived today!:metal:

    I am now the proud owner of a shipping container.:tup:

    (crazy with what we get excited about :rol: )

    Tassie Tiger

    If its a shipping container where’s the ship?:confused: Good to see it is an appropriate environmental colour:tup:

    Re the roofline – I imagine a gently curved flat roof

    line from the “round” end of the house to the tower. It could be achieved by varying the height of the walls without having to get involved in curved sheets of iron. (My consulting bill is in the mail)

    And, you say the ZF is by the back door but ah er where is the back door again:confused::confused::confused:

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