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    I’ve been reading about Hugelkultur ( seems to be a good place to start if you don’t already know about them) & I’m curious about using them here.

    The main concern as far as I can see (Northern Suburbs of Adelaide) would be termites. I’ve discovered termites living in the live council tree out on the verge, & I’d be very wary about inviting them into my garden, just in case they looked on the house as a “main course” once they’d finished the “dessert” in a hugelkultur. I also have a lot of problem with black ants. They colonise any area they can find with “gaps” in it (or make their own) & once they do the soil seems to dry out a lot. (BTW, black ants & termites will live in perfect harmony – they do it out the front of my house) The second concern would probably be where to get big lumps of wood to do this with, & would eucalyptus be useful?

    I’m not in a situation to do this at the moment – we’d really love to get to where we can move to a small property & then I’d love to set this up, but I’d like to know more about it first. So far most of the information I’ve found about hugelkulturs is from overseas, & no-one has mentioned termites in anything I can find.

    So, has anyone done this, & particularly have they done this in an area where there are a lot of termites?


    termites make good soil


    I am about to start doing this too, my hugelkulture swales will be about 50m from my house and because of all the old hollow gum trees on my block I know I already have termites between the hugelkulture and the house so I am not all that concerned.

    Like Snags alluded to in hugelkulture (in Australia at least) you are kind of relying on termites to move in and break down the wood for you into nutrient rich water absorbing fluffy soil to grow veggies in.

    I accept that it will attract termites and just maintain a good chemical barrier at the house. You can never fully elimiate termites from you block in australia, because they can travel so far underground with out being detected, unless you put a chemical barrier around the whole yard and I am not sure that I would want those chemical close to where I might grow food (current chemical barrier is under raise 3m wide concrete verander).


    Using eucalyptus depends on what you want to grow on the top of your hugelkulture. If it’s pretty much anything edible, then no.


    see pic



    mudhen post=355835 wrote: Using eucalyptus depends on what you want to grow on the top of your hugelkulture. If it’s pretty much anything edible, then no.

    I disagree, the allopathic chemicals in eucalyptus trees are destroyed by composting or with time so dried aged wood would be OK. This garden bed soil (the far one) is made up of about 50% eucalyptus leaves, old and dried but not composted when added to the soil and the corn doesn’t seem to mind, I have also grown many rockmelon and water melon in the same bed and they more than thrived.

    The problem with eculypt trees is when trying to grow some thing under a live one which is dropping the allopathic oils direct from the leaves onto the plants below and the greedy root system which quickly sucks up all the soil moisture when it rains.


    yes again like the sciences, where someone is boosting ego or making money that issue with eucalypts well over stated, we have grown excellant crops in our new gardens, even much we rake has all leaves including pine needles makes no negative difference, all mulching is very rewarding and promising.

    there i make no money and my head didn’t swell

    those earlier pics, looks like that ground needs all the help it can get?

    added in termites will help decomposition, already have termites in teh upper layer of our gardens no worry we built sensible home, all steel and cement nothing for termites to eat, no gypsum walls, just some treated pine trim. no ongoing termite treatment needed.


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