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    We just got registered again for home schooling but the guy said “Im going to get into trouble for this but you have passed and Im approving your application”. Why would he get into trouble for approving us I wonder??? He said we had heaps more resources than we needed and the timetable was excellent! He was very surprised with the kids enthusiasm and enjoyed a good chat with them! I just cant understand why he would get into trouble for doing his job! And if we are so well organised for schooling at home why would he imply we shouldnt be doing it?? It doesnt sound right! Any opinions or experiences?


    maybe his comment was related to him telling you in advance/strait away, and not going back to wherever (office or something) and notifying you thru *official* chanels?


    Sounds like that to me too recyclingdiva. He was obviously quite impressed LindyChook.


    I have a son that we registered here in WA for homeschooling. A high percentage of WA kids are home schooled but the govt doesn’t want us to know about that nor do they help you get together. We have a nice lady who is our area rep for the Education Dept that put us in touch with HBLN (Home Based Learning Network) for WA. As I understand it (from other sources) NSW has made it compulsory to vaccinate kids before going to school (correct me if I’m wrong) so parents are home schooling. From what I understand the govt there doesn’t want kids to be home schooled and they think parents are too stupid/ ignorant to do so. I may be wrong. It may be a case of him telling you before it’s gone through the right channels. Why don’t you ring him and ask what he meant? He should have given you his card…..


    You’re right, the gov doesn’t want kids home schooled here and it was obvious my kids needed it so he was approving us no matter the backlash he was going to get.

    I have friends who are teachers and parents themselves and disagree with what Im doing even though they know the hell my kids went through!! They are just p***ed that I can teach without a degree but they forget who are the most impressionable teachers in a child’s life….the parents! But then again I would not be p****ed if they decided to study soils without a degree 😉


    Weird! I’m sure your fantastic results will show everyone that they’re wrong 🙂

    I figure i’m more than qualified to teach my own five children-if I ever went crazy and wanted to teach in schools i’d need a degree just so I could do all the planning/paperwork/crowd control!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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