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    On the other hand, my kids were on distance school through gov for a while and we all hated it. The work was tedious, had no flexibility and a lot of it was pointless and unnecessary. That was when we had the decision to go illegal home school, even though we lost all assistance for this.

    A for instance – we would get a pack of workbooks that were supposed to last for 2 weeks. One child completed hers in 1.5 days. After several months of this pattern I called the distance school and explained the problem and asked for extension material to keep her occupied. They said find and sent a box of more work for her – of exactly the same standard covering the same information.

    I mean thanks for that but if the initial work was unchallenging, why would she waste the better part of 2 weeks repeating it over and over. We had endless trouble with them losing assignments that we sent in. Could have just been that school but I didn’t like them at all. Sorry.


    Sorry nlac Ive been away. ACC is from kinder to year 12. You have to attend residentials which are great fun. The schooling is very flexible having a certain amount of work to get through each day. My kids are usually finished in the morning and have to day to themselves. Also, when we go away it comes with us so theres no catching up. This ACC is a christian school but we are accepted even though we are not christians. My kids are 2 x 13 yr olds and 2 x 14 yr olds and they are all studying at their own personal levels. One kids is advanced and one is behind due to development delays and the school takes this under consideration and sets work to their level. Slowly all four kids are getting closer in their levels as time goes on as they hear all levels being discussed at the table so they tend to learn more than normal. If you want more info I will PM you my number, just ask. Heres the schools website-


    Thanks for the extra info LindyChook. Interesting that you had a really different experience loris.

    I think I would like the freedom to choose our own way, but I like the idea of having materials provided. I think maybe I like the idea of distance education because I’m a bit worried about doing a good enough job of it! From what I’ve read thats pretty common for people new to hs.


    Hi LindyChook, I am new to this thread so I hope you don’t mind me asking as this thread is a little old.

    We are looking at changing to ACC from a private school. Can I ask how do you find the lessons, we would be starting at year 2, a little younger than yours 😆 , how long do you find you need to spend per day on the schooling program and how do you find the residentials? I’d love any extra info you can give as we will be making the decision next week after we have the Cemonline demo.


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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