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"How we saved the climate – and oursleves – looking forward to 2100."

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    Maybe there is hope! Even though the next century will be a rough ride…….



    I fixed the link. 🙂

    Interesting reading.




    Some time ago the president of our shire and I were discussing a village being developed .

    She called it an eco village!

    I said i didn’t think it went far enough,

    If the shire made every building application eco friendly then we may see some results.

    My idea was every house as far as practical to be

    solar oriented

    Fully insulated

    Solar hot water

    solar panels

    wind turbines to add to the power supply for the village

    Street lighting ect.

    with park lands spread through the village, not wall to wall houses.

    I know this would increase the cost of building but maybe then the urge to build McMansions would be less.

    The running costs for the homes would be less

    people who were serious about the enviorment would benefit

    She was horrified, in spite of having done most of these things to her own home.

    Was she thinking about reelection?

    I don’t know

    Just needs some progressive thinking by developers and councils I believe


    Yep, interesting reading.

    I’ve bookmarked after a quick look (and translating into English :laugh: )so that I can check in at other times and see what’s going on there. :tup:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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