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How to do this GF recipe?

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    These ingredients are on a commercial GF bread making recipe and it is the only

    one that I can digest ok. Tried many others which are problematic for me. This

    mix is only available occasionally at the shop so if anyone can estimate in plain language the specific amounts and where to get it would be appreciated. The mix always turns out perfectly.


    Maize starch, rice flour, Raising Agents, 575 and 500, Dextrose,

    Emulsifier 471, Iodised Sea Salt, Thickening Agents 466, 461, 412.

    Thanks if you can help.


    Ruth BarkerRuth Barker

    Good morning AppleBee

    I have always had success emailing manufacturers and asking for information. Ringing is often good too – I have been put through to the workshop foreman who found the box of the specific ingredient for me on one occasion.

    Also, depending upon your company, websites often list state distributors and suppliers.

    I hope this helps.



    I doubt that you will find a recipe that will be exactly the same as the mix that you have bought, there is simply no way to know the precise amounts of the various ingredients.

    Maize flour is corn flour that is made from corn and not wheat (as some is).

    Here is a website that has info about all the different food additives:

    500 is simply bi-carb soda, so it appears that your bread mix is made with this raising agent and not yeast.

    575 is another raising agent and you can buy it online here:

    The 400’s are all thickening agents, as they are described.

    You might be better off to simply search online for a gluten free bread recipe which uses corn and rice flour with bi-carb as a raising agent, as playing around with all the additives listed in your bread mix will be time consuming and expensive.


    Thanks Ruth and mudhen, both very helpful and will see what

    I can now do.



    You should also try Mama Ka’z gluten free bread recipe.


    There are many paleo websites that post recipes to all kinds of baked goods etc, that doesn’t use the flours in gf foods. (Gluten is very bad, but gf flours are bad). One of my favourites is Satisfying Eats, Sugar Free, Grain Free, Hunger Free.


    Bron, thanks for the Satisfying Eats site, had a quick look and looks very interesting.



    I made this one yesterday. It was ok, did need the herbs and oil though I think. I ended up needing heaps more coconut flour than it says (probably double). If you’ve never used coconut flour, it is very very thirsty so a little goes a very long way. With the amount in the recipe, it was a batter. I thought it needed to be a dough, hence adding more. (I ended up using maple syrup with it, cos it was a sweet bread for me. I don’t eat very much sugar or sweeteners so sweet for me is often bitter or tart for others).

    Had I used the herbs and oil, and maybe some rock crystals over the top, I reckon it would have been delicious.


    but gf flours are bad.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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