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How to clean mould off walls ??????

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    Hi everyone

    Yes another question

    What is the best way to clean mould of bathroom

    Wall’s besides sugar soap



    You can’t just clean it off, it’ll come back. Killing it is very difficult (there may be some super strong chemicals). I did have success with oil of cloves (google Shannon Lush’s instructions) but even that came back or more grew over this past month due to the rain.


    We use 50/50 metho and water seems to work for a while

    Its mouldyish now but it has been very wet, wasnt mouldy last wet season got cleaned with metho the year before that.

    Im painting virtually the whole house soon with mould inhibiting paint and see if that works out.


    Like Bron, we have also used 100% oil of cloves (eugenia caryophyllata) on various internal (wooden) walls and surfaces. The instructions on the bottle are as follows: dilute 1/2 teaspoon with 1 lt water and spray on. Wait 24 hrs and wipe with cloth. For heavy mould, a solution of 4 lt hot water, 125ml vinegar and 1 tablespoon bicarb soda can be used as a pre-cleaner. We live in the subtropics (and are in the clouds a lot during the wet season). This has helped reduce the frequency of mould – but, not eliminated it altogether. Sigh…


    The house we lived in before this one had a bad mould problem due to the underneath of the house not having the

    orange plastic to stop the damp coming through

    The only thing that helped us was straight vinegar. It smelt like a fish and chip shop afterwards.


    As everyone else has said, it would appear oil of cloves is one of the best methods:


    Vinegar – straight. Soak one of those foam head squeegee mops in vinegar and wipe the walls down with that – if you don’t have oil of cloves handy that is!!

    Steve Thomas

    it’ll keep coming back.

    both those solutions sound ok.

    Sun light and dry air flow will prevent it coming back.

    ensure your underfloor ventaliation is sound. (is the soli under your house bone dry? it should be.

    ensure your room ventaltion is good. (does it smell stale after returning from a week away?)

    ensure your room has air flow and plenty of natural light.

    Good luck.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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