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    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Hello folks, after sorting out issues with my password (thanks Geoff) I am back.. will pop in more regularly & get more familiar with the new place & help with those pesky spammers .. & whatever else.
    Change is a good thing.. keeps us all learning & on our toes


    I don’t like the layout, way to much whitespace for me and the default text is too “fine” and difficult to read.

    Using Chrome x64 V38  on a Win8.1 PC 

    I actually like the whitespace, but like trandto I find the text is also a bit too fine for me also. A bit pale, and a bit small.
    Using Firefox Win8.1 PC


    Hi all I’ve been away for a couple of years and just rejoined.

    I have yet to explore fully but immediately:

    I find the text print too faint and not clear to read for aging eyes. From memory the older site was very easy to read and text was much darker.

    Too much white on the page.

    Unusual to see most popular tags on home page ” finance courses”…??maybe that’s spam.


    Regarding the white space, I think part of the problem is the big paragraph gaps. The paras could be a bit closer together.

    I am finding the very fine text quite hard to read, it’s an effort when it should be easy.  I don’t know what the text looks like at your end, but when I type into the Post Comment field, the text is nice and black. It’s a good size too. Be good if the threads were the same.

    Other comments:

    It would be nice to be able to Preview my comment before posting.

    If I so much as click into the Post Comment field, or type something and delete it, it creates a draft.  It’s nice to have the draft function, but annoying in that there’s no way of discarding it even if there’s no text in it, unless you go to the home page, find Drafts in the list, open and delete from there.


    I’ve just changed the style setting of the site, how is that for text size and legibility?


    Hi Geoff, this looks good now although the font for the headings and the numbers on the sidebar is not quite what I’d choose. That’s just my personal thing though.

    One thing I have noticed is the buttons in the editor aren’t available in Chrome or Safari on the iPad. I’ve been manually typing in HTML code for links etc but others probably aren’t up with that. The editor works fine on my laptop.


    Thanks for the information Steve. For the fonts, I agree, we’ll need to look into the style and see if it’s something we can change easily, as there isn’t a standard setting for it. It’s a bit disappointing that “legible” seems to mean that consistent style doesn’t matter to the designers of these things. On the button problems I’ll have to see if there are updates to the plugins that resolve these issues, if I can convince my son to lend me his ipad for a bit 🙂


    The font is much much better thanks Geoff. Appreciate all the work you’re doing here.


    Just a note to let you know the site is looking way better, and drawing me back to it again. I usually pop in once a day, sometimes twice. 🙂


    Its a lot quieter than it used to be


    Most forums have their quiet times. It will pick up again.


    I suspect places like Facebook have stolen a lot of the audience for forums, there is a certain appeal to being connected to all the things you like, plus your friends, all in one place. Perhaps the advertising and the invasiveness of it will get to people and they’ll come back in droves ha ha!


    I guess it could have, but FB is still mainly social as opposed to technical and practical.  Although I’ve heard you can get results from Telstra and various vehicle manufacturers.

    But I don’t think FB can help me learn to bottle preserves/jams, or how to manage intruding wallabies, or how to isolate a problem in the blower fan of my car’s aircon, or which tyres are the most reliable in certain circumstances.

    I missed two years of this forum, due to being conned by an “eco” builder and becoming so disheartened I didn’t do anything but exist until recently, but I’m back now.  I may not post a lot, but will be a lurker, and keep myself permanently signed in.

    On another note – is it possible to set up a Preview, to view my post before I submit it?
    Also – it would be good if the Edit function could give us say 4 hours instead of only just one.

    cheers J.


    Hi Geoff, the new look is “interesting”.  Not real keen on it.  I don’t like the red colour, it clashes with the red fruit in the ALS logo. On the small screen I find it too “in your face”.

    Preferred the previous one visually uncluttered, BUT this latest version seems to be a lot more practical.

    I find the left column a bit too wide, pushing the main thread text further to the right than my eyes prefer.

    The turquoise and red buttons to the right are large, and are cutting the column of stars in half.

    Computer is a Sony Vaio 13inch laptop, with Windows 8.1, and I use Firefox.

    That’s my feedback for the moment, thanks for all the work you are doing to get this forum up and running again.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 100 total)
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