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    Hi folks.

    It may just be that I am old and grumpy but I am becoming bored and annoyed with this new site.   I haven’t been able to get in for a while and now I am in things seem to be still changing around.
    Yes I realise that fine tuning will go on for a while but it makes life on site difficult and there doesn.t seem to be the same friendliness and rapport that I had become accustomed too.
    I’m not quite ready to give up yet but that time feels to be getting closer, not of course that one person will make the slightest difference to the site.
    Just sharing how I feel.

    I’ve not been here for a couple years, due to a very bad experience with a factory home builder. Only just resurfacing.

    With anything new it’s easy dislike, but I figure I will get used to it.  A bit slow to find my way around, but getting there. 

    A few problems noted below in my first half hour here. My computer is an early 2014 Sony Vaio 13″, I don’t know whether that’s relevant.

    The pages in main lists, and in threads, show cut off at the right side, and no horizontal scroll bar.  I use Firefox, but checked Chrome and Internet Explorer and its the same in those as well.  Seems to be 3-5 characters, makes it difficult to read. 

    As I’ve typed this, the page has just moved over, so I can now read the cut off bits for the right, but the left is cut off.  To read pages, I have to go to reply, and repeat a letter across the page til the page moves over, then I go up and read the thread.

    Checking other threads.  “Selling homegrown produce” is showing a double/triple space between paragraphs.

    This thread the paragraph spacing is normal.

    The Home Page stating Welcome to Aussies Living Simply, Your H2 subheadline here.  I know what a widget is on my phone, but I have no idea what to do with this. I see no active links aside from “click here for the forum”.  This strangely is the only page that displays normally.

    Is there a Preview button somewhere when composing Comments/Replies?  Please tell me I’m just not looking properly.

    When I went to log in I found that my old password didn’t work. I had to do a password reset, but it was quick and easy.

    My computer and software and browsers are all up to date. I actually uninstalled/reinstalled Firefox a couple weeks ago, and don’t think it’s likely I should need to do it again. (Besides, I can’t afford the Telstra prepaid mobile wireless downloads to do this.)

    I’m a bit so-so about the fussy background pic, I find it a distraction. I’d rather have a full screen of forum, ie text and “white space”. Or can I replace it with one of my own?

    I do like the idea of Promote Insightful Awesome LOL.  I’m not quite sure what Promote means. Is it like a cross between a Twitter retweet & favourite?

    Is there somewhere I can reset the forums time? It’s two hours ahead.

    I can’t find a Help button anywhere.

    Not sure how I feel about the new site yet.  As mentioned I’ve only just
    landed here again after two years.  It’s late at night and I don’t have
    the patience left to try and read the truncated pages.  I’ll come back again tomorrow.

    Apologies if I sound a bit abrupt, I should be asleep by now.  🙂


    I’m always getting error messages – I’m finding this new site difficult to use and would prefer somthing simpler.


    Hi.  Back again, in the light of day.  Had a bit more of an explore. Further comments below.

    I want to delete a draft, and can’t figure out how.

    Revisiting the “Home” button at the top of the page, I still get that strange welcome page. I’ve been off searching for an “Appearance” setting for the widgets, but can’t find one anywhere.

    With the site displaying improperly I may be missing things off the page. 
    It’s hard to read with triple spaces between paragraphs in many of the posts.

    The site seems a bit “all over the place”, and kind of seems like it is only half built.  I really feel like I’ve only got half of it.  …..Reading Forum Issues – June 2014, it seems I may be missing a number of buttons.

    Is it my computer or the new ALS website?
    What can I do?

    As the site is for me, I have to say I do not like it. Although fixing the display problem would make a difference.  I will continue to visit regularly and see if it gets any easier.



    Is there any way to contact a moderator?


    Look is very attractive and all function are working correctlly


    Is it only me or are other people having issues seeing the right hand side of each comment?

    Some posts make little or no sense when I can only read part of each sentence.


    I have the same problem Mukluk.   I also think I answered your post  before.


    Hi Bobbee and Mukluk Mukluk
    (Mukluk, yr name shows twice & the second word is dropped down in relation to the first…?weird?)

    This is the same problem I’m having, thank goodness it’s not just me.

    I find having the right side text truncated really disconcerting, and it’s a major discouragement from using the site.  So I just visit every 3 days or so, to see if anything has changed.

    I even tried changing the font size in my brower, but it doesn’t make any difference.

    Have the moderators got any comments/feedback?

    Frugal GirlFrugal Girl

    I haven’t been here for a long time and I can’t view the entire forum.  It cuts short in the right margin by about one word.  I use Chrome if that is any help.  


    It is doing that to me also and I use firefox


    I’ve tried it on all three Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

    I’m on Windows 8.1

    How is it appearing on Apple?

    I just thought to check out ALS on my android phone, via Chrome, and exactly the same thing is happening there. There are also a few weird things around like the Home/Welcome page, as on the computer screen.


    Just to add to things, everytime I sign in whatever time of day or night, it appears that I am the only person online, since I’ve only ever seen (1) noted.


    All the words on the right hand side of the posts/replies are clipped with me too. It’s not browser dependent as I’ve tested it in Chrome and IE as well. All have the same issue.

    Also the pagination seems to be broken in that when you scroll down a page, read it, then click onto the next page the screen stays at the bottom. You have to scroll up to the top to read the page.

    Clicking the next page should throw you at the top of the new page.


    Just thought I would let you guys know (the admins) that the end of the posts (one the RHS) are getting “chopped off” when I view them in my browser (Google Chrome Version 37.0.2062.103 m)

    I’ll try to upload a photo to show what I am talking about
Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 100 total)
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