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    I work in payroll in a large company and love my job but I am not really the corporate type. Luckily my office is super casual and relaxed.

    But I also love my new vege garden since we bought a house and pottering in my backyard!

    There is a hippie underneath that corporate work I do!

    Can’t say I classify as “corporate” as such. My hubbie and I like to practise juggling in our spare time, went to Woodford Festival for the first time last year, mainly eat vego and cycle commute!


    I have often struggled with coming to terms with my job. I work in a big Government department which often deals with issues I don’t always agree with either ethically or morally. In my role however, I have an opportunity to influence at least some things and through my prompting I now have an opportunity to guide and influence some important environmental initiatives. It is actually the whole reason I am staying where I am (apart from the fact that they pay me very well, and that money is building our new house on our dream property. I am not afraid to admit they are a means to an end in that respect). Given the choice, it is not what I would choose to do, but while I am there, I will do the best I can to make things better from the inside out.


    oooh juggling, I wish I could do that! I’ve always wished I could do the fire twirling thing too.. :tongue:

    I gave up the corporate life two years ago next month. Still struggling with identity I guess and finding ‘myself’ (oops there I am!)…

    Trying to focus on what I have, and learning the skills of living better on less… quite a feat I think, but luckily there are sites like this and blogs to help people like me.



    I hate what I am doing atm, it’s dirty, oily, dusty and noisy. (work in an engineering shop with automative CNC Machines. Lots of chemials get poured down the drains (dirty floorwater) oil get poured into drums, someone takes those away. Metal scrap get recycled that is one good thing.(only as it goes straight to someones pocket and we’d run out of space) I had a go at them for leaving the factory lights on, you don’t want that account, but unless I switch them off onbody cares.

    But look on the brightside I get paid on Friday’s, go home and dream about being somewhere else.


    I used to work as an environment officer for local government. long ago… BC. Now I homeschool and I have never been busier 😀 Work was a balancing act as the major componant of my job was to monitor environmental compliance of the many local industries with the legislation… not particularly fun. I did enjoy getting out and about, but most of what I did had less to do with public education and more to do with ‘policing’ industries… Hubby now works on the other side of the fence… he is an environmental officer employed by industry. His job is to ensure that his workplace achieves compliance with their environmental licence. It makes comparing notes interesting. One sad thing that we have both noticed with direct regard to our jobs has been instances of eroneous media reporting. It has made each of us wary of anything the media presents in this field…sadly.

    Would I go back… not in a million years… got kids to educate, train and nuture. do I miss it… nope :D. Regarding hubby?

    He is an ‘I am what I achieve kind of guy’ and the field is frustrating to say the least. I think he would pack it all in, buy a block and build a sustainable little property if we had enough know how, confidence…. and lets face it… capital.

    You’d think that such a job may offer personal satisfaction in either of our circumstances… truth is it didn’t and it doesn’t and its not that we don’t believe in environmental stewardship. I was perhaps too soft hearted to deal with people who were struggling to make ends meet anyway… and hubby has to deal with the public:D… not much fun if you ain’t a people person:D


    I am extremely lucky in that the year after high school, I started an environmental traineeship. ( I have been into plants since I was a kid) This led into working with animals which I did for 7 years. I absolutely loved it. I poured my heart and soul into it. I worked late, got there early and earnt hardly any money. It was extremely stressful (workplace politics….. animal keepers vs management….) however some days were magical!

    The line of work tied in with my ideas, however I felt I was in a constant battle of ethics….. But hopefully I have helped people to appreciate animals a bit more……

    I left last year to have a baby. I left 2 months before dd was born. As I spent the time, just being…. I realised that although I loved my work, it did consume me. Whenever I socialised, people weren’t really interested in me, they wanted to know about work. I was kind of treated as though that was what I did, therefore that was all I was. I was really lost when I left as work was all I knew.

    Since leaving work, I realised that I am now living. Whereas before I was just working. I got a lot out of it, but I kind of feel like I missed my twenties…. although luckily I did meet my husband in the environmental traineeship!!

    Now though, I can take what I have learnt from my work and apply it to my simple living life! All I want now is to get rid of our mortgage and get a self sustaining farm and raise my family! (obviously without creating more debt):tup:


    I’m currently in a quandry about my job; or more correctly my job options. I am currently working on a medium-term contract in another government department to the one I work in permanently. I love the new job but it is only a temporary contract. It’s the job I dreamed of, even after just a few short weeks.

    My old job which was also temporary has just been advertised permanently. I know I would have as good a chance as anyone if I applied for it but I don’t know whether I want to go back. Or if I do go back, I don’t know whether I want to commit to staying there in the long-term.

    The difficulty is that my current job is temporary until the new year. I believe that I will get excellent experience and this will place me in an excellent position to get another job similar to the one that I am currently doing (and loving). I have to consider our financial position and know that I can’t be unemployed at the end of the contract and can’t afford much of a pay cut.

    People from my old department are telling me I’d be stupid not to apply. People who have also left my old department and are working from contract-to-contract are telling me I’d be stupid to apply. My family and friends also tell me not to worry and that everything will be okay.

    :shrug: I’m pondering over whether to apply for a job because it will offer security; or whether to risk following my heart. :shrug:


    I’m definitely a sucker for security… especially now that you’re risking a new house/land. Maybe something permanent will come up later on in your dream job?:shrug:


    For what it’s worth, MHO would be to follow your instincts. 🙂


    I would keep doing the job you enjoy. Life works out, something will turn up. Don’t waste all those hours every day somewhere you’d really rather not be.


    Yeah – I usually think like that too Elice. Except my old job is in a different direction to my studies and my dream jobs. I’m leaning towards following my heart and trusting the universe … but that is not my natural instinct when it comes to money.

    Also, the promotional prospects in my old job are limited and my experience is that it can be more about who you know. Whereas if I take a risk I may find myself enjoying a more comfortable lifestyle including either fewer hours or more pay or both …

    I guess the job market is tight at the moment. Skilled employees, particularly knowledge workers are hard to find … perhaps I should take advantage of that situation …

    I have about a week until the positions close … Am sure I’ll go up and down in the mean time. :geek:


    A few years ago, I turned a new leaf and started becoming far more environmentally aware. I liked gardening, but not in the way – or for the same reasons – as I do now.

    As for my job being regarded as ‘simple living’ .. it doesn’t fit the category.

    By trade I’m an electronics technician and my work involves analysing and repairing radar and sonar equipment on 6,000 tonne warships that drink litres of diesel fuel by the second as they cruise around the oceans – sometimes bumping into whales (but that is another story)- just so we can deploy missiles to bomb the crap out of our ‘enemies’.

    At this point in time however – since we are supposed to be sailors first – electronics technicians second – I find myself at the naval recruit school where i get to yell (project my voice) a lot at young people (and get paid to do it)- trying to instill in them some self-discipline.

    Whilst I enjoy being an instructor a hell of a lot, my heart now lies in moving to my 60 acre property in central Victoria and becoming as self-sufficient and self-reliant as I possibly can.

    I plan to work – if I need to – from home (or part time within the local community) in an environmental/permaculture capacity. I would like to think I can maintain the household without having to rejoin the rat race.

    So, hopefully in about 5 years, I can really start to live the life I truly want.

    … next….


    Cabinetmaker, been building solid timber kitchens for the last 12 yrs, With interest rates how they are, and imported flat-pack chipboard kitchens half the price of ours, we have decided to close the doors at the end of July. I am quiet looking forward to having a straight forward job with a lot less dramas and headaches.


    this is one of the best threads I have read in ages,

    I now have new insights:D I think, to some recent posts that I have read;).

    For my part my job is acting as the main slave to the chooks goats, ducks, turkeys, sheep, alpaca’s cats, Garden and Partner (in that order):lol: that make up the farm – and I love it

    to earn money I work as a “landlord” to homeless youth…. that has its moments, and I’m hardly ever bored:|



    Today is a big day for me.

    I don’t know how many are familiar with the public service system of secondments, but I’ve been on secondment at a job since mid-June. I totally love my new job. I’m on a temporary contract until June 2009. Today I was promoted (still on contract to 30 June 2009). The promotion starts early in the new year.

    So I went back to my old job and told them that I am definately not coming back! :metal: It feel fantastic to make that decision :metal:

    I wasn’t suited to the work I used to do. I have another direction I want to take with my life. I felt so conflicted about my old job and now I’m free of it forever!!! I have taken the first step towards following my dreams and living my life in the way that is right for me.

    Unlike many people here my life is not destined for simple living and raising chooks. Gardening is a hobby that keeps me grounded and helps me think.

    I have a job that I really enjoy and am stoked about the promotion. And my current job, while still in law, doesn’t conflict with my fundamental belief in humanity. It frees me up to go back to working with homeless people without it being a conflict of interest to my work (actually it will benefit my work because it will give me a good reality check when I make policy decisions).

    Tonight I am so excited. Perhaps the universe is helping me on my path to healing like my cranio-dude says it is.

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