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    Due to health reasons we have realised that we have to sell our house and move into town. I dread the thought of living in town again and I don’t know how the kids will cope but it is the only sensible option. We currently live in a mud brick house on small acreage with mixed orchard and a few other things that make this place amazing and unique. Both of my daughters were born in this very room, so it is a regretful sale. So far things are not going at all well with selling.

    We asked the real estate that we bought the place from to give us a valuation, and they did. We thought it best to get a second opinion.

    We then asked another real estate in town to have a look, they came out and said how much they loved the place and would call us the next day with the valuation. A week later they still had not called so I rang them every day for a week, spoke to the receptionist and had no one call me back.

    We asked another real estate to give us a valuation. The guy was an arrogant jerk. He never called back and I did not bother to follow up.

    We got another real estate to come out and do a valuation. We told them what had happened and if they did not want out business not to waste our time. They came out and said how great the place is but it would take a few days to value it as it is unique. A week later they left a message on the phone saying that they do not to sell our place. I will chase them up to ask why but suspect it is because they only do property in town and not acreage or semi-rural properties.

    How am I going to sell if I can not get any other real estates to value our place? Should I sell privately and guess what it is worth? If so, where should I list the property? What are the dangers with selling privately?

    I would love some people’s opinions.


    I feel for you Mukluk, as I am also getting to that stage in my life when I will no longer be able to live on my patch of heaven. I have not had any experience with selling privately but there is  I don’t  know what they are like though. All the best with your search.


    Wow I can’t believe you are being treated so poorly! These agents must really not want your business. It might be a good option to go with the first agent as the rest seems unreliable and unmotivated.


    Sorry to hear no one is helping.

    Try and sell it yourself… maybe try Get some good quality pics done and get them to advertise it for you.  All you have to do then is field calls and arrange viewings..

    Good Luck


    Better to see these agents true worth now than later.  They would be just wasting your time.
    Usually you can get an idea of the valuation of your home from your rate notice.
    It’s also a good idea to start clearing furniture and goods that you would not be taking with you when you downsize. Also do any repairs and finalize any unfinished  projects you have.

    Best of luck.


    Oh, and it’s also a good idea to ‘dress’ your house for sale – store clutter but have enough furnature in the rooms for potential buyers to guage the size of the rooms. We had a couple of bedrooms that looked tiny empty but much better with a double bed in there. This house wasn’t being lived in when we sold it though, so we had to borrow/freecycle some pieces.

    Do take (or insist the agent takes) a LOT of photos. Houses without enough photos don’t sell as well. I’ve been pretty frustrated trying to buy interstate and finding places with only a few pictures (and sometime just scenic ‘lifestyle’ pictures, not the actual property! grr)


    Contact the Real-estate Institute in your state – they could give you a list of agents/agencies who will cover the sale of your property.  Or, you could get an independent valuer to do a valuation.  Also if you built yourself, get copies of the council plans/approvals or maybe a building inspection report.  Then armed with all the (hopefully) positive paperwork  then you can sell it yourself.

    Be aware if you go the route of building inspection reports either yourself or with a prospective buyer if they find any faults/issues you are bound by law to be up front about it with any one else who registers an interest in the property.
    Personally I love unique homes, as do others.  Unfortunately on the whole, unique to some people just means “oh dear” alternative building products/owner-builder/dodgy plumbing etc. etc.  For every house there is a buyer….but it just may take a little time.
    All the best.

    Earthwalker is right about this. You need to contact your state real estate institute 

    they can help you more with your problem instead of talking to a real estate agents.

    Just wondering how you are doing with getting your place sold.
    Did you manage to value it and put a price on it. 


    We ended up listing the house for sale and have had a handful of interested people come and look.  Being such a unique set up means that we probably have less potential buyers than a more ‘normal’ house.

    We are kind of doing it as a private sale instead of going through a real estate.  We went through a place that lists the house on several real estate sites for us and if we make changes we only make them once and they change all the listings.

    The link to the property is here


    Glad to hear you’ve got it on the market now.  It looks so cosy and practical. I love the slate floors, and I love the old pedestal handbasin in the bathroom. I want one of those too.

    It might be worth advertising it on Gumtree, as a private sale.  I’ve been thinking of doing that for my house.  I’ve got it with the local agent, one in the next town 145km away, and another agent a bit further.  I’ve typed up notices and every trip to town (2 weeks) I check the noticeboards and put them back up again.  Had a couple nibbles very early on but it’s been about 10 months now.

    I hope your place goes soon.  Good luck.


    Any further news on the house-selling front?


    Sunbird I hear your frustration.  Rural places tend to sell slow.  Hopefully you find a buyer for your place soon!

    No news here yet.  We had a bit of interest at the start, then a few weeks of nothing, then one couple came and looked last week.  They asked how low an offer we would accept.  The short answer is I don’t know.  We told them to make an offer and we would think it over and talk from there.  I will honestly consider any offer but have not yet worked out what the minimum is.  If it goes for the advertised price we will be losing money, I don’t know how much we can lose and still be able to make ends meet.

    We are not in town and we are not really a farm which limits the number of people interested.  This place has a lot going for it and I hope someone interested in self sufficiency ends up buying it.  We are only 5km from town, which means we have all the positives of being in town, but we are on about 12 acres which means we don’t have any of the negatives of being in town.

    I need to work out if I plant all of the annual vegetables or not.  I have some crazy rare stuff and some other things that I am breeding (such as tomatoes, peas, blue/white sweet corn etc) and do not want to lose a year.  I think I will plant them and if we sell then the new owners will have some delightful vegetables already growing when they move in.


    Hi Mukluk, I’ve learned that you have to live “as if” you are going to be where you are for a while to come, just in case that’s what happens. No good to lose a year of planting.
    I’ve just lost two, because all I wanted to do was get this place sold and it hasn’t happened yet. If I’d started immediaately I would have been eating a lot of my own food by now, and saving money.


    Funny, I was on your website just last night (sent you an order request email) and noticed your property for sale. I would love to buy it if it was up where I will be looking soon. As you say, it has a lot going for it for the right buyer.
    My own property is also with Property Now and once sold you have exactly what I want 🙂 … just need it to be around the Sunshine Coast, sorry.
    Have you posted it on the forums?
    I would suggest adding photos of your gardens etc, as that is always what I want to see.
    Sunbird, where abouts is your property?

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