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How do I get rid of mould on walls in bedroom?

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    I am having dramas with my house…

    It was built in 1945 and is made of asbestos but looks like pressed metal (if that makes sense…) the interior walls are plasterboard but they have painted them with textured paint so the walls are really rough. Every day I have condensation on most of the windows in the house and our house is freezing due to the gaps that are always appearing. We keep adding skirting board!! We also have gaffer tape and blocks of wood to block holes. Anyway, I noticed tonight that we have black spots and grey patches creeping up the wall between the studs….. I keep waking up in the morning feeling like I have a cold – streaming eyes, runny nose, itchy etc. But it goes away within 1/2 hour. I go back in the bedroom and start sneezing.


    I don’t even want to be in my own house that I love…:(


    Clove oil will kill off the mold & deter new spores from germinating on the accessible surfaces but your real problem is moisture which you are going to have to address if your going to beat it long term.


    Stay out of that bedroom until you sort the problem out Gypsyoak. Sleeping in a mouldy room can make you very, very sick. Did you see A Current Affair on this subject last week? :hug:


    I’ve heard about Clove Oil before… where can it be purchased?


    The method for clove oil is this:

    1/4 teaspoon in 1 litre of water in a spray bottle.

    Mist walls with this mixture. Leave to dry.

    Come back after 1/2 hour and mist again, leave to dry.

    Get a broom, cover the brush part with some old pantyhose and mist the end of it with the spray. Brush the walls with this then wipe with a clean cloth.

    The clove oil kills the ‘roots’ of the mould, unlike bleach type products which just attack the ‘leaves’.

    Then you can work on the moisture.


    Whenever you can open some windows and get some air in. If your getting condensation in the room not much is going to fix it completely, it is such a good environment for mould to grow.


    We had a similar problem in an old house years ago and to absorb the moisture in the air we got some stuff which I think was called Drysorb …….. it was basically zeolite ( I think ) and you keep a bowl in the room and change it as require when it gets damp



    We once moved into a rental property and the bathroom walls and ceiling were covered in mould. On the condition report it read the ‘marks had stained the walls and unable to be removed’. However, these irremovable marks were no match for our micro fibre mop! THe mould came off unbelievably easy with just the damp mop. I think I went over it quickly again with a weak vinegar and water mix on the mop. After that we always opened the windows while in the shower (got a bit chilly in winter!), but in the 10 months we were there the mould never came back.

    Good luck,



    Vinegar mixed with water 50/50 but less water if the vinegar has already been mixed with water like the home brand kind. It feeds the mould till it explodes and dies almost instant. Don’t bleach it that doesn’t kill it just bleaches it so you cant see it.

    I had this happen for years in the bedroom I grew up in, the house was built c1900 so I know how hard it can be to deal with. If there is a leak from the roof you need to find it and fix it, it doesn’t have to be above the room it could be anywhere but water likes to travel down. Next you need more air flow so open the windows as often as you can and if you have to get a ceiling fan or vent. Next more light, if it’s a dark room think about having a skylight installed.

    This came up a lot in a program called Is your house killing you.


    The house we lived in before this one had a mould problem I used straight Vinegar for the main mouldy areas and salt for the hard to remove spots.

    It was a loosing battle there as the ground under the house was soaked all the time


    You can buy clove oil at the chemist, I got mine not long ago and it was a little bottle but under $10, a little goes a long way. I’ve put a few drops in a spray bottle for the showers after they’ve been squeegied and its keeping the tiles mould free. Good luck! At worst your house will smell delicious!


    thanks everyone! i have been trying to fix the condensation issue but i don’t know what else to try…. our laundry is outside. our bathroom has the window open and the fan on and the kitchen has the exhaust fan going when we cook. I have tried leaving the window open, but its so cool where we are in the day, that the air is damp as well. We can’t even dry washing on the verandah….. there is condensation on the windows of 2 rooms all day at the moment. I have even tried putting the heater in there to keep the room warm, but that hasn’t worked either. The mould is going from the window out and looks to be going up the wall. this room is attached to the verandah so it has concrete in front of it so it isn’t soggy ground attached to the wall.

    I will try the clove oil and the vinegar as well, my only issue then is wiping it off! the walls are very coarse and will rip a sponge to bits. i will have to do some experimenting!!

    thanks everyone!


    I know the sort of wall you’re talking about. You may need to use a stiff brush initially.


    Thanks Mudhen!

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