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    unfortunately many of the Aussie made appliances are less energy efficient adas well some are also rubbish 🙁

    EG 1:A few years ago an 18 months F & P fridge started a fire in our neighbours house and burnt it to the ground – the investigators told him it was common for F & P fridges to do this and was because they are not intended for hot climates

    EG 2 :we bought a Westinghouse fridge 4 star and it is an power guzzler 😡 I am saving to replace it with a European Vestfrost – I know it involves those dreaded mile travelled but since it will use half the power and last twice as long I think it will even out



    It’s really difficult isn’t it? Why can’t Australia make decent appliances anymore? We bought all Fisher and Paykel last time we needed appliances (only to find that they’d all come from New Zealand, and I HATE my washing machine.

    Also, unfortunately, DH isn’t quite on board yet and I am for ever getting parcels from China of things that he has bought over the internet :@

    But as I buy the food, more and more of it is SOLE, as DixieBelle described!


    df418 wrote:

    But think of the other stuff you buy

    I do. Constantly. I consider everything, it’s origin, where the resources came from, how it was processed, packaged, distributed, marketed, stored and what will happen to it once we are finished with it. From what we eat, drink, transport, energy, clothes, toiletries & beauty, cleaning, housewares, entertainment, education, tools & gardening, and the services we use etc. etc. etc.

    It gets exhausting in my brain… that is why I can no longer beat myself up about the things I am not able to change, am not willing to change or haven’t even discovered I need to change yet! There are a few things, like our dairy consumption, using commercial chemical toothpaste (I need the sensitive kind), the amount of OTC medication we use, part time disposables, and technology/ energy usage, that I *know* I need to work on but seem to always have an excuse…

    My eco-guilt made me very overwhelmed there for a while and the stress only served to paralyse me. I am a motivated person, and love challenging myself, but I know we are far from eco-saints. I don’t know if what we are doing is enough, but that isn’t going to stop me from trying…


    Dixiebelle, I know what you mean to eco gult being so disabling. I am trying to slowly incorporate changes in our life so it is not so overwhelming and we adapt better. So far so good anyway.

    Love your blog by the way. I wish we could grow stone fruit up here. The Apricots look to die for.


    I agree with E, terrific thread… :tup: I started reading it when there was only a couple of posts… And I haven’t stopped thinging about it…

    One thing though… I find when talking to others who haven’t travelled this road yet, just how different my thinking is….

    A good lot of alsers are already committed (in varying degrees) to making change in their life… It’s just the rest of society hasn’t caught up yet… :p

    Soon I have to buy a couple of big ticket items (washing machine and fridge) and I have to admit I’m worried about buying the wrong one as it will be a long time before I can fix it if I do… Power, water use, where it’s from ect… :shrug:


    Thanks E and Chezza!

    It’s hard isn’t it? But I guess as long as we are thinking about what we are buying and making decisions each time we buy something, it’s a huge improvement.

    And yes as a few people said, slow and steady. If I try and change everything at once, I am just going to suffer from eco-guilt and annoy my family too!!


    Thanks, Gremmbles!

    I took the apricots to work last night & so many commented on how good they taste compared to shop bought… very few of my colleagues seem to have any idea what is happening to the Earth, and even if they do, are possibly not willing to make changes based on that (not judging or making presumptions, because maybe they would!) but if we can influence them to buy organic or local, because it tastes better, or is cheaper… who knows what else they may be willing to change, because it is better for them or they like it more, or saves them money, which inadvertently happens to have a lower impact too!

    That is how I started my journey, and now I wouldn’t say I am a total Greenie, but I am committed to trying… think of how much we could achieve if everyone got on board with at least that!

    Hope everyone is having a great day! 😀


    Well, for years people have been saying I should be committed….(I’ve finally given up arguing.:lol:)

    We do what we can and I hope to put home grown fish on the table during the next year in addition to the rest. but you can only do what you can do and beating yourself up doesn’t improve the equation (says he, hiding the bruises:D).

    So let’s all help eachother to do what we can, and offer support in understanding what we can do about what we can’t. (alright, alright, it made sense in my head, it just looks really silly written down)



    Not as committed as I’d like to be, but I try. I try to grow some food at least, minimise packaging, minimise if not completely eliminate most disposable household products (I haven’t bought clingwrap, foil or sanitary products for a few years now!). I try to shop at the local grocers’ for fruit and veg. I purchase Australian made wherever possible. A couple of financial setbacks has meant that solar power hasn’t happened at our place yet but we are on tank water and we do minimise water use.

    There are some things that come down to practicalities rather than ideals, but I try. We live in an area that isn’t close to shops so walking/biking isn’t practical. I work in the CBD so that means a 20 minute drive to the train station, but at least part of the trip is by public transport. I also work at home one day a week so that helps cut the commute. I make a day of shopping so that I’m not making multiple short car trips – buying in bulk cuts that too.

    However technology is one of our big vices – we spend a lot of time on our computers – and although we now both have laptops which come with environmental credentials there is still the issue of all the miles (and packaging!) that go with them – and what you do with them afterwards (they’re upgradeable, but we have lots of computer bits lying around that need proper disposal/recycling. Recycling for technology is not that well set up as yet – it’s easier for people, as it is for Hubby, to just put the bits in the hard rubbish 🙁 )


    We’re trying to slowly work in what we hope is the right direction and sometimes get it more right than others. We have built a rammed earth house on an acre and have put windows, eaves and a patio on to reasonable summer effect. We have a large rainwater tank, although we’re on scheme and my goal is solar power although I think we are heavy users so need to look at that. We have fruit trees in, planted a year ago and an area under drippers for vegies. We both work full time but the time is right for us to do that now and 2010 is time to take the next step with our food, eating more organic (preferably home grown), less meat and what we do buy, look for grass fed and/or organic and I think it’s time to get some chickens again. :uhoh:


    Like others here, we do what we can with the options we are given.

    We shop locally as much as we can and buy organic and free range food. I try not to buy imported products and buy in bulk when we have the car with us. i ride to work every day and DH rides a motorbike so the car hardly get used.

    We don’t download stolen material (music, movies or software) and do what we can to support talent. i also don’t listen to / watch negative infulences (sp) whenever possible.

    We swapped to more efficent lighting and don’t use air-conditioning at all, but the ceiling fans are a must in summer. We have reduced our household waste to 1 to 2 small bags a week and the recycling bin is always full. We try to grow our own food when the bugs or the elements don’t get to them first. we also don’t use any pestacides or harmful chemicals and make our own soap / dishwashing powder / washing powder.

    i guess for us something i’d like to change come down to cost. yes the car is not green but it’s cheaper to keep it and not use it much, then to sell it. i’d love solar panels but i have to change the current roof first and that’s $10,000 we don’t have.

    Next step of us will be chicken and we are hoping to purchase some land in the next few years that we can slowing improve and one day build our own place on. I hope to be better at growing food by then.

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    I am starting up a new section for work, which requires setting up a new office. We had hoped for a building with windows that opened, rather than relying on airconditioning but in the end time pressure beat us and we have gone for the second floor of a typical office building.

    My partner in all of this has a project which involves doing greenhouse audits on community agencies, so it would be great to make our office a showcase for everything his project will suggest.

    We will have a few pieces of recycled or second hand equipment, however in order to get the office up and running in time we have had to buy a lot of new stuff.

    One of the issues has been time but the other is my sense of ‘what looks nice”. I want a nice office with matching furniture colours and so on. I think my partner thinks my sensibilities as to decor are a luxury when it comes to saving the planet.

    I guess I am only committed as long as it looks nice. 😮

    I guess that is making me do a lot of thinking.


    I believe that you can have the nice things in life, you can have co-ordinated decor, and things that look aesthetically pleasing, AND be ‘green’! You just have to change your perspective about some things, and invest some time to find what you want, or make it yourself!

    ie. If you used to indulge in imported cheeses, look for organic, local-as-possible products instead (or learn how to make your own). OR you want stylish, gorgeous decor that isn’t the same thing as in stores, then look for homemade/ handmade (at local markets/ op shops/ crafty or arty places or buy organic/ reclaimed fabric and make your own or have them made), but choose a base colour or a similiar theme, and keep decor minimal. OR you like to wear cosmetics (or need to for work) there are several companies selling a range of Aussie/ Organic/ more eco-friendly options now! (There are many, many examples).

    Whatever your treats/ indulgences or high impact choices are, you can change them, without having to go to boring, ugly or barren! To me, it’s the simple things in life that are exciting now… rather than a ‘high’ from shopping or using shopping as therapy, I find living frugally as possible is satisfying… picking your own produce from the garden is exciting… making a tasty & healthy no-meat/ organic meal is better than take away or eating out… talking to like-minded people is better than celebrity gossip… making do or reconstructing clothes/ homewares makes me proud…

    The best thing for people who like fashion/ beauty (and anything that seems ‘unneccesary’ in the grand scheme of supporting the earth) is that ‘green’ is trendy and there are so many businesses, products and services out there which are lower impact… just check it out before believing the labels or marketing! You can actually be an advocate for ‘going green’ by proudly showing others that you can have style/ lifestyle/ the ‘little luxuries’ in life, and ‘look nice’ but do it with less impact on the earth.

    The challenge to live a fulfilling, stylish lifestyle yet be as eco and frugal as possible is what keeps me going…there are always going to be hard decisions, or trying to make choices when you are busy/ stressed, or days when trying to ‘do the right thing’ is just too much… I say, if you are not able to go past an item that isn’t so ‘eco-friendly’, then make sure what you do buy is a timeless style, great quality and care for it, so it will last you a long time… try to at least supoprt a local business, even if the item is not… if you are going to buy overseas products, try to make them as eco-friendly/ energy efficient, or Fair Trade, where possible…

    Sorry, got carried away… this is what I blog about, really! But this thread has inspired me… I am thinking my 2010 pledge will be to make more considered purchases, and challenge myself in some areas I’ve been making excuses for…


    I am committed to the process of becoming more and more committed…if that makes sense :shrug: We take small steps but always try to move in the right direction. We could do more. We will do more. At least we are doing something.

    FWIW too, F&P no longer makes appliances in Australia – it is all manufactured overseas now 😐


    I like your comment espinay… Committed to the process of being more and more committed…. :tup: That’s the way I feel too…

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