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how are you responding to peak oil?

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    i agree “poor ppl” or “3rd world” are pretty much off the grid already it is us who have farther to fall and we may not “adjust” to the removal of “the easy life”.

    I’m now treating the situation like the “CFA bushfire plan”

    all the principles apply just substitute fire with WTSHTF and you’re on the money.

    the funny thing is that it is more likely that a PO or crisis will happen than a bush fire 😛


    If anyone is interested has some great articles about what everyone is doing around the world, on this and related issues, some good, some bad and they send out a weekly newsletter summarizing points of interest, with links if you subscribe (free), and it doesn’t seem to generate any extra spam. :tup:


    Am I crazy, or what relevance does this have to the OP? Len, with the best will in the world, where does your unbelievably bad spelling and disjointed syntax come from? Is this part of the New World Order?


    How am I responding to PO?

    By doing/getting/completing the following:

    Educating family

    Started a basic stock pile

    Started a vegie garden

    Stocking up on key tools and items (shovels, knifes, candles, shed tools, garden tools)

    Keeping a small ready use fuel supply at home for emergency

    Self Sufficient for Water

    Self Sufficient for Sewerage

    Self Sufficient for Power (Stand Alone Solar System)

    Fully insulated home

    Continuing research and learning

    Became a member of ALS (learning/listening to you folk)

    Getting skilled up

    As part of my response, I still have to get/make/arrange the following:

    Get a wood stove

    Chickens up and running

    Orchard Planted

    Finish Vegie Garden

    Continue Learning and passing skills on

    Get armed

    Build community

    Plant more trees

    Get a cow, couple of sheep and maybe a pig

    There is still much to be done and to get, but I am getting there slowly but surely. Enjoying the journey as I go.

    Very interested in the current world situation and our future power/energy sources. I think we are fast approaching significant changes in life as we know it and I think my children will certainly have a different journey into adulthood than what I had. Our children will be the ones to pass on resilience, sustainability and community to future generations. This is why we all have a resonpibiilty right now to make sure they are prepared, as it will be much harder for them when compared to us.

    Keep up the good information.



    Sounds pretty comprehensive to me. I’m also putting a small backpack together with only essentials if i need to go bush fast……..just like the bushfire concept.

    Also you all may find this interesting…’s called Sustainability St. it is where a street or neighborhood of ppl get together s/s stuff.

    helps build the community. 🙂


    I thought I was far from comprehensive. Constantly having to update, re-think etc as finances and circumstances permit (or as I learn somehting from folk on here).

    I think being flexible in your approach is part of being prepared.

    You shouldn’t place all your eggs in one basket. From my list, I have contingencies for some items and even a third/fourth backup for other items.


    The situation is looking pretty serious. PO (energy crisis), CC (environmental crisis) GFC (economic crisis) plus the possibility of resource wars, pandemics, etc

    I’ve been busy for years solar panels, insulation, veggie garden, tools, durable goods etc etc but have decided that this is almost certainly not enough in the face of magnitude of possible systems collapse we are facing.

    Now instead we are looking for a property in NSW and are planning to share this rural property with other like minded people and families. Instead of going it alone I think the best bet is setting up an intentional community. We are planning to live more simply, sustainably and will try to minimise our environmental footprint. A cooperative model or Multiple Occupancy that allows people to share resources, ideas and knowledge seems to us the best way forward.

    On a property a small community could better utilise renewable resources like solar and wind and aim for a level of energy self-sufficiency. A shared community farm could develop orchards, chickens, organic veggies etc and be better able to provide a level of food security.

    The party will soon be over and the fossil fuel driven roller coaster ride will soon hit a brick wall. Self-sufficiency, resilience and community may be the best hope for the future. With three children I have decided this is their best chance. I have little faith in governments seriously facing up to the problems we face and providing solutions.

    Basically we have decided that we need to take action and build resilience in the face of the looming climate, environmental, energy, economice crisis.

    Also hoping to find other interested people???

Viewing 7 posts - 106 through 112 (of 112 total)
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