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    Hi everyone

    I’d just like to ask everyone what they are doing as a response / to prepare for peak oil.

    I myself am getting livestock (sheep) so that mowing isn’t compulsory, I’ve got solar panels recently (the last 3 weeks we’ve exported more than we’ve imported), and I’m trying to just buy less STUFF.. I haven’t solved the fuel for the car problem yet though.. maybe less driving is part of the answer and maybe electric vehicles will be available and cost effective one day..

    What does everyone think is critical, what is everyone actually doing?





    I think you need to read back through the “Peak Oil – where are we headed” category. Preparations have been extensive and wide ranging from a lot of people, but most on here who lead a simple life are prepared to a certain extent by default anyway.

    You’d appreciate the Scenarios we have played out on here in real time, and the weekly list of stockpile items for under $100.

    At the start of the thread I said

    Major oil fields all around the globe are encountering steep decline rates, and new fields are a lot smaller, will reach their own peak earlier, and decline even faster.

    This leaves the world in the nasty situation that if there is some problem regarding oil supply, there really isn’t any spare capacity to pump extra oil into the market to take up the slack. There is debate that Saudi Arabia is able to pump more than what they currently are, between 2-4 mbpd, and this is being used to prevent the threat of Iran using their oil as blackmail, turning off their supply and sending the world into an immediate oil crisis at the drop of a hat.

    But the Middle East is an amazingly complex political and geological region. The risk, now that supply is peaking and demand is only being constrained by a weakening economy (which ironically is being caused by oil peaking), is that anything that even slightly interrupts oil supply for a short to medium term within the middle east could cause catastrophic economic and social problems.

    There are no, and I emphasise this, absolutely no technofixes that can come online fast enough to help us in a sudden crisis.

    I think we’ve already reached this point with the Libya crisis haven’t we? Time will tell if the rest of the scenario plays out as predicted as well.

    Go here for the full story, 68 pages and counting; Immediate Threat – Oil Shockwave Scenario

    The good stuff starts on page 30.


    The ideas and inspiration I have got from ALS have led to a few changes. I used a windfall last year to completely revamp my veggie garden, this week we harvested corn, tomatoes, several varieties of lettuce, several onion types, spinach, silverbeet, cucumbers, watermelon was last week, two varieties of beans, several types of herbs, chillis, Unfortunately my fruit trees will take a few years to get going, but we are buying less and less food, growing more and better. The corn is way over my head! Seedlings, seeds and cuttings are all resold at markets to help pay for that which we can’t grow.

    DH is building a new wind gennie for the house, he already has a good one for his shed. This should help our solar system in the winter months, so we will not have to use generator as often, but we will always have some dependency – some times there is no sun or wind. Still I think we do our best.

    Petrol for transport is a horror at the moment, I have to transport DH to work, so I am spending nearly 5 hours in the car each day, even without any joyriding. No a donkey wouldn’t help right now, and there is zero hope that the govt would put in a public transport route anywhere near where we need to travel at anything like the times we need to travel. DH lost work for a while earlier this year, so this is a new job, and we can’t afford another break while he looks for something closer or easier. Haven’t found any car pool solutions either, so we stuck with it awhile.

    So, we have prepared in the ways we can, but could really do without a crisis in oil price right now.


    our plans A link to my blog, and our plans… though as per the byline on my blog title, we are also trying to balance these plans with everyday life, and at the moment, as trying to avoid burn out, so stepping back a little from our Urban Homestead plans…


    Over the last few years I’ve replaced everything on the farm that ran on petrol with diesel, except the water pumps on the dams, which I’ll progressively change to solar. Talking it over with neighbours, and having done a fair bit of research, we are confident we could grow and make our own bio-diesel. The costing figures are a bit rubbery, but we think it will be economical for us if or when diesel hits $2.50 a litre.


    The more self-sufficient and sustainable we become the less effect any of these problems will have on us. By having stand alone power no matter what size you don’t become dependent on the Gov. Grow your own food and learn to preserve a fair bit. Make your own thing if possible to avoid the chemicals etc etc.

    Wazza I was at Nanango yesterday for a cheeze and soap course run by my sister and it turned out real good.


    G’day Dennis. Pleased to hear you’re getting into homemade soaps but, frankly, the caustic soda terrifies me, so I leave that to my partner. I’m a fair way south of Nanango in a locality called Winderra. Our nearest town is Murgon, 25 km away, and I have fantasised about a post peak oil world where I have to drive a horse drawn trap into town. I’ve actually researched the speed and endurance of various horse breeds, and concluded we should take a picnic basket with us. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad thing – this post fossil fuel world – where we’d all slow down and get to smell the roses.


    I’ve bought a rural block of land and am getting a small cabin on it and starting a garden. Unfortunately on my budget I am 90km from my sister and 30km from a town so I guess it will be only occasional shopping trips and family visits once the petrol price goes through the roof. I did consider fuel efficiency high on my list for choosing a car. My neighbour has a donkey trained to cart so maybe she can do a regular trip to town and pick up shopping for others for a small share.


    hi Adrian,

    I, like most people here, am preparing by 1. stocking up on essential items but MORE IMPORTANTLY (in my opinion) 2. i’m finding alternative solutions for everyday items and so finding ways that we can provide for our needs without outside influence. for example, i found out that you can brush your teeth with the gel from the aloe vera plant, it works – i know coz ive tried it, but i have a few kinks to work out – so, if we were unable to buy toothpaste we could survive without it. i am working my way through our everyday needs and eliminating some of those from our shoppign list, as well i am working on making provisions (no 1 above) of those things that i cannot provide/replace myself, e.g. sugar, salt, to a large extent, flour, yeast etc etc. toilet paper bushes – Arla bush (tithonia species) and one of my planned purchases (big $$$ this one) is a composing toilet but if i don’t get to purchase one there are threads on this website that show you how to make one (ive checked it out and we have everything needed for that)!!

    it is a constant journey and often a struggle when your spouse/partner doesn’t agree/acknowledge with your thoughts on the matter but i will continue on with my endeavours and hopefully we will be better prepared and/or (if my hubby is right) if nothing else reduce our living costs and home loan expenses and so improve our lot(?).


    Hi Adrian.

    The idea of preparing for a time of trouble is a good one regardless of what causes it. The thing you really need to think about is where are you going to stand. Will you stand with the NWO or with the common people. The NWO says the world population is to thinned to 500,000,000 so where will this leave most people. Most likely dead.

    All the world leaders plus the UN, The club of Rome, The Catholic Church are pushing for this. I am only asking a question here because when the SHTF the scenaro’s played out before hand will mean little. In real life the issues will be deadly serious for everyone.


    Hi Dennis,

    I have a few questions regarding your comment if that’s ok? By NWO I am assuming you mean New World Order? If so, can I ask where are you getting the information from that the UN, Rome (club) and Catholic Church are pushing for this 500,000,000? Just interested that’s all 🙂

    I think we like most others here on ALS are preparing by the way we live our lives eg. growing as much as you can of your own and making as much as you can yourself, solar power etc etc. I don’t think anyone can ever be prepared for everything but will hopefully be able to get by with what skills we do have and for those we don’t find others around you that can fix a switch etc etc. It’s about having like minded people around you and being as prepared as you can. Even if it only saves you some $$ for your mortgage in the long run you’re no worse off and you get rid of the mortgage in the process.


    Had a quick look at Dixiebelles blog I had to look twice I thought it was my DIL first,

    Its good what you have done and are going to do but I would add more wind power its free and in I think it was about 1974 someone made a wind turbine out od 44 gallon drums. you can get them for free at some garages but if it has had oil in them burn them out first.

    Haveing Gas stoves wil be a waste of time if you can’t ge them delivered. You can always find bits of wood for a wood stove.

    We have always had a few months stockpile mostly listening to my parents and them living through WW2 and being on rasions till they came out to Australia in 1951 I belive UK was on it until the late 50s. We always have had a veggie patch so I have bottled excess and in the last 15 years have dried it as well.

    Having watched the Gourmet Farmer and River Cottage I gave Cheese ago a couple of years ago with good results.

    The think I would like to know is it able to stock pile the rennets you need for Cheese making???

    I have made my own soap from my fathers recipe that belonged to his grandmother. Dad used to make up 2 batches each year for us and for my eldest sister and her brood. One lot was for washing us and the othre for the laundry.


    Hi Robyne. 🙂 We have talked turbines before and in fact, were just discussing getting a ‘windmill’ on the way home today! I would love a woodfired oven, and it’s on the ‘future’ list. An inside wood heater/ cooker would be good too, but a low fuel rocket stove would be great. We have a solar cooker now, but would have loved some sort of combo, like a solar cooker/ Cob cooker hybrid. Cob cookers take ‘green’ fuel cells, so you could use that part when there wasn’t enough sun, but rely on ‘free’ energy when it was.


    Hi Dixibelle. Have you looked at the woodfired pizza style ovens? That’s next on my list! Does anyone know where you would get a windmill from? We have the space, I wonder what council regulations are towards them :dry: . I think I’m off to do some research :laugh:


    Hi Misty.

    Yes a very interesting subject and I am still researching it myself. If you try world population +500,000,000 you will find a lot of info. I do have quite a bit on DVD’S that have been sent to me but try the web and see what you get.


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