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House cow recommendations?

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    Thanks Mauzi, I found that addition on a book site for a great price so just wondered if there was another addition,I have been caught that way before.If I buy that one do I need the Pat Colby book?



    At some stage .. after the house is built etc .. we were going to get a couple of belted galloways.

    Maybe not the best milkers, but my DW loves them to bits – very reminiscent of her childhood in Scotland. Also, as with all things on the property, they serve several purposes: milk, fertiliser, breeding … and she just loves the look of them 🙂


    HT, Juliette deals mostly with herbs whereas Pat Coleby is predominantly minerals, so the two books together give a good overall. Pat Coleby, has moved towards some herbs in her latest work, but initially, she was a mineral advocate. I use both, and all circumstances and availabilities are different so it is good to have a knowledge of both systems. In fact, I really love to look at all systems available and use what works from each. I went to a soils day recently which was predominantly a system known as “holistic management” or intensive cell grazing and rest periods and while it was good info it was very pointedly saying that this was the only way, which I find frustrating. Luckily when I did my Organic Ag diploma, I was introduced to a lot of different systems, all of which had positives and negatives and the “black and white” mentality of one system is simply not true, nor practical. Anyway, I digress, both herbal and mineral supplements alongside various management systems,for me, is the way to go.


    Thanks Mauzi

    Two books it is then,

    Andre I also really love the belted Galloway,I think there is a society that you can get the newsletter free for the first year,before you become a member


    So as an addit to this post too and a warning to inexperienced buyers- dont take the sellers’ word that the cow is pregnant- EVER! Otherwise you end up paying top price for a cow whose tummy only grows fat because of the good feed you are feeding her and never does anything useful for you. We ended up selling Gracey at a loss because there are no bulls around here to remedy her non pregnant state (mostly horse people) and I bought another jersey called Daisy off Gumtree. She was purchased by the people from the saleyards but in the dry times when feed was tight they decided to keep her calf (for the freezer) and sell her. She has only two chambers of her udder that work – the others are fibrosed from mastitis I would say but she still gives about 4L of milk a day and is a good little milker. I dont even tie her up when I milk her as she just stands there and stuffs her face.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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