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    Hi tully maybe we should start a club. I went through the same thing . MySIL really cheered me up by telling me she has had them for twelve years and they arent getting any better shes 63 .I tried all sorts of things suggested with no difference some internal devil:@ was delighting in turning my themostat up and down sometimes 6 times an hour . I thought I was going mad .A patient of mine suggested flaxseed oil .I use Blackmores 2 tablets 3 times a day . It took a couple of weeks to work but they are now almost unnoticeable .I’ve been taking them for about 6 months now .Tried other brands by mistake and the flushes came back,not sure why but threw them out and now stick to Blackmores.No they are not paying me:lol:If I get slack and forget to take them they come back so I am quite convinced they work . Added bonus great skin all those dry spots on my face have disappeared and hair is vey healthy ,Its supposed to be good for your cardio vascular system too.So good luck thats my advice for what its worth:D

    Lady Bee

    Can’t help with the hot flushes, Tully, other than to sympathise with what you’re going through, but hugs from me too and a big wet slurpy kiss.

    😆 :hug::hug::hug::kiss1::kiss1:


    So sorry to hear you arn’t feeling too well Tully. :hug::hug:

    And sorry I haven’t any advice as I still have menopause to look forward too in a few years. :tdown:

    Just wanted to send you a big :hug: and say, hope you find something that helps and gets you on the road to recovery. :hug::hug:


    I went through menopause a few years back. I refused HRT there are too many risks and did it with natural supplements. everyone is different but I found the best for me was to take both black cohosh and wild yam.

    I bought them from They are much cheaper than Blackmores and stuff from a chemist and ordering online should be much better especially for you 😆 it s a long drive to a chemist

    Note dont believe all the BS about safety concerns re black cohosh it is perfectly safe – maybe it was causing the pharma cos to lose too much business 😡

    diet is also important stay away from processed food and sugar ( which you probably already do ). In some people it may also help to try going gluten free or even just wheat free

    good luck



    GAWD darlin’, just what you need hey?

    I would say that’s a YES to the stress/trauma helping this along my dear! It aint gonna be easy, but you need to manage the stress somehow! (says me who can’t do that either). Body, mind and spirit are all connected – have you talked to your friends out there? How do they handle these things? Perhaps you need a sorry camp of your own – maybe you have to deal with this on several levels.

    I am sending some e-hugs, I know you are not keen on the other kind…and DEFINATELY No patting! 😆 :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

    love you sweetie, it has to get better soon :hug: :kiss1: :kiss:

    :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:


    Qoute from Kathy:

    Hi tully maybe we should start a club.

    :mad:The Hot Ladies Club:mad:


    Hot Ladies Club like the sound of that, maybe we should have a permanent corner on this site.

    A few years ago I gave serious thought to starting up a local “conversation group” as so many women I knew were suffering, but had other commitments at the time and simply wasn’t possible.

    An inspirational book is “Passage to Power” by Leslie Kenton. Half of the book is about the chemical changes in your body, and the other half is about your “spiritual” journey here, becoming the “wise woman” etc.

    There are a few good books around.

    Sellman, is Sherrill’s last name – for “The Hormone Heresy”.

    Dr John Lee’s books “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause” and ” …… Premenopause”. Here is his website:

    Leslie Kenton’s book is definitely worth the investment and will give you a look at all the positives of menopause.

    Kathy I might check out that flax seed – my hair turned to straw along with the arrival of hot flushes, I now wear it in a clipper cut – easy, but sometimes I wouldn’t mind it long again.



    Yesterday I thought of you as I hadn’t seen your usually regular posts, thought something must have been wrong.


    I have heard good reports of the effects of Black Cohash. However, do check with your Doctor if your on anti-depressants or any other medication.



    Thanks for all the replys, PMs and hugs, I appreciate it.

    I’ve read back over all the replies and read Annie’s again and feel like a bit of goose (no offense to gooses) I’ve had a cold/flu for two weeks and wonder if the flushes are because of that???? I didn’t think of it before because I have never had (noticed?) hot flushes when I have a cold/flu. :confused:

    I have only been back on my anti ds since Friday night (having taken myself off them a few months ago because I was happy) and so, it can’t be them.

    I’ll wait til the cold has gone, keep drinking my grated fresh ginger and hot water drink (an immune booster as recommended by our lovely, new Asian nurse) and see if they go away.

    Thanks again, I’ll report back.

    PS I think the idea of Kathy and Sunbird to have a seperate and ongoing support thread is great. Why don’t we?


    You could possibly be suffering the symptoms of a cold infection. If so I swear by Manuka Honey with the active + 10+ antibacterial activity to prevent secondary infections, lemon juice and homemade chicken soup it has great natural antibiotic properties.

    As for the dreaded menopauseed you may be a little young yet I think the average age is around 50. Take heart though there is life after and it can be quite liberating. The hot flushes don’t have to last forever I had them for about a year and then they passed. One of my friends had about two and that was that.

    I found restricting caffeine and alcohol intake helps. I agree with Gleaner check with your doctor to make sure your medication does’t clash with herbal remedies. If you could consult with a doctor who is qualified in western and chinese medicine would be wonderful. Have you tried acupucture it makes you feel so good!

    Good luck you’re not alone :hug:.



    I feel for you I started when I turned 50 with all the pain as well the body is telling me to slow down a bit.

    My doctor told me if you take any kind of oil based tablets, eg: fish oil etc it thins your blood and can cause hot flushes. She said to take the tablets every 2 days till your body adjusts. I have found Hallibut Tablets better than cod liver oil tablets, I also take Multi Vitimin per day.

    My specialist said I had to go on HRT but I’m not in favour of them, Some doctors treat women in Menapause as a disease not a period of life. How did out great grandmothers go with it. Surely there is a natural thing to take.

    If you have been very stressed watch for your Thyriod giving you problems, symptons are tiredness, weight gain, dry skin, the only way to find out is a blood test.


    Thank you Sunbird :tup:for the reminder of Sherrill’s complete name and also Dr Jon Lee’s Books etc. (I just couldn’t put my finger on his name last night when i did the other post):confused: The doctors told me that peri meno can start any time after you are 35 (I was 37, I had my last baby when i was 40, u know the ‘surprise’ one that SHOCKED:jawdrop: us all)

    I agree with you Ggang:) re the hormone replacement (stay away from it apart from all typs of possible longterm probs sometime it makes the imm symptons worse) :awch:the black cohosh (it is mainly a prob for women who are wishing to fall preg or who are already)

    Tullymoor, I found when I drink warm ginger tea (even a cool ginger tea for that matter) I get a warm feeling flowing over me then anyway.:shy:

    Stress can bring peri meno on earlier too. Thyroid probs can as well. Blood test for thyroid function may help.

    The hormone blood test is better done over a whole cycle or 4-6 week timefamr to track the levels as the fluctuate. But even that is not all accurate. Saliva tests are more accurate, but not many docs will do them.:shrug:

    Hot Ladies Club – Wow – that would be interesting;)

    Bubba Louie

    HRT gave a friends mum breast cancer.:noapprove:


    I think you need to start interviewing the Doctors in Alice until you find one that you feel relaxed with and then get a total bloodwork done and an all over checkup!!

    My Sister thought she was going through menopuse but it turned out her hormones were fine but that she had extreme amounts of copper and iron in her system.. She is still having extra tests done so I’m not sure what happens now.

    I think after a stressful time you need a sympathetic Doctor who understands the drains on your body. At least then you can add homepathic type remedies knowing where you are at….

    Be careful and look after yourself because many years ago we were involved in a car accident (we were off to Longreach for 6 months as Reggie was working out there… We had sold our house and then wrote our car and caravan off) after going through the stress of selling our house. The next day I came down will an awful flu and never really recovered after about 6 months of getting more and more tired blood tests found that I had chronic fatige syndrome and I have have had to deal with chronic iron deficiencies at times since…

    Stress can cause long term problems with your health so please look after yourself…. :hug:



    Hot flushes can definitely be brought on by severe stress but it doesn’t mean it’s menopause. I know because it happened to me a few years ago at 43!

    I had every test under the sun including blood and saliva tests and they all said my hormones were normal even they I spent most of my time in a pool of sweat and my periods had gone haywire.

    The best advice I can give to you is RELAX……….

    I took up tai chi, went to meditation classes, improved my diet, walked and walked some more.

    I second taking a good quality multi B.

    Sleep when your tired not when the clock tells you it’s bedtime. Your body and mind will recover much more quickly when you are getting enough sleep.:hug:

    Stress can really mess up your life and people don’t take it seriously enough.

    Take care of you.:hug:

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