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    I have had a bit of a traumatic time the last few weeks and since then I have been suffering the most horrendous hot flushes. 🙁 They happen anytime, day or night and stop me in my tracks or wake me up…I fling off the covers until it passes and then feel chilly because I’m slick with sweat….cover myself up, fall asleep and then another one comes. :noapprove:

    I’m 45 years old, I guess it’s menopause (can this be triggered by trauma??) I’m over it, it’s getting me down, it makes me cry with frustration. I don’t need it.

    Can anyone offer any help or advice?


    sorry no advice, but hugs instead for now :hug: and sympathy, not looking forward to this one…. :confused:


    and some ice 😉


    Oh Tulls, I have no advice either but here is a great big hug:hug::hug:

    damn those flushes:@


    tully, that’s miserable. i don’t have much to offer, but if i had that problem, i’d be off to a homeopath.



    Tully, :hug::hug::hug:

    My medicinal herb book suggests a infusion of 20gm dried sage leaves to a litre of boiling water. Stand for 10 minutes before straining, drink 1 or 2 cups a day. This should help relieve the hot flushes a little.

    It also mentions hops as containg similar properties to oestrogen so good for menopausal problems. Hops is in beer isn’t it? IMO beer solves lots of problems…..

    I have not heard of trauma bringing on menopause and 45 seems a little young to me, if it doesn’t develop into a cold and it persists, you should see a doctor.

    More :hug::hug: and a :kiss: to make it feel better.


    Thanks guys. I’m interested in all the herbs in the third link but doubt there is a herbalist in Alice so I may get my friend in Geelong to ask her Chinese Herbalist to make me up some. I’d need to ask if you can take them all safely whilst on anti depressants :noapprove:


    I believe that when you are stressed, you use up the Vitamin B’s at an alarming rate. I would take a multivitamin daily and add Blackmores Mega B tablet as well. Take these for as long as you feel you need to and hopefully the flushes will go away for a few years.

    I’m sorry you’ve been going through a bad time Tully. Hugs. :hug:


    Oh, hugs to you Tulls. I’m sad to hear you’ve had a rough time, and now THIS. Argh!

    You can go to the Dr for a blood test which will tell you which stage of peri menopause you’re at. Then you can ask the herbalist for the appropriate treatment for the level of oestrogen you’re at…

    Hugs. xx


    The best book on the subject is “Hormone Heresy’ by Sheryl …..someone (can’t remember). Get a copy from library or get the book shop to get one for you. (Should be able to find out more on net.)

    There is heaps of literature available that gives natural therapy advice. A quick search on the net will find some I’m sure.

    When I was 37 i started menopause (or rather peri menopause). The docs wanted to pull everything out:o. I thought i was a bit young yet so I sought other ways. With the right advice and herbs I got it under control a bit. One of the first things to go away then was the hot flushes, thankfully. I returned to a relatively ‘normal’ cycle etc so well infact that I fell pregnant 8 years after my last child had been born!:jawdrop:

    I used wild yam cream, chaste tree caps, fish oils, vit e, licorice caps and sarsaparilla caps. There was something else too but can’t remember now.

    After having bubby i have not been blessed with their return as yet (bubby is now 14 mths). Every day I tell myself it is over, finished, done – time will tell.

    When you start on these herbs you start feeling better very quickly.:tup: And make sure you are having good vit b and c as well as it helps us to absorb all the goodies in the herbs.

    It will get better but you must be consistent with it and after 6-8 weeks you will be a totally different person:clap:;)



    😐 I knew something was up, Tully. :hug:

    Cannot offer much in the way of advice. I’ve had the dreaded flushes, so bad sometimes there seemed to be only seconds inbetween of “normal” temperature. Thankfully it all didn’t last too long though.

    I know this is easier said than done, but eat as fresh and unprocessed as you can out there, get that blood test, and get some natural therapies/herbals going.

    I don’t know if stress can be the cause of all this, however will say that stress can affect us very badly.

    Thinking of you and hoping you can get more on top of things soon and feeling much better.





    I have no advice – its just good to see you posting tully I missed your red dirt. I’m sorry youve been having a traumatic time lately and hope that things are improving for you.




    :hug: Tully

    I’ve heard before that trauma can bring it on – in fact my doctor told me! If it is trauma and stress related the flushes may get easier once you have passed the “crook in the road” and things start to settle down.

    I hope things go better soon:hug:

    Bubba Louie

    bella wrote:

    Oh, hugs to you Tulls. I’m sad to hear you’ve had a rough time, and now THIS. Argh!

    You can go to the Dr for a blood test which will tell you which stage of peri menopause you’re at. Then you can ask the herbalist for the appropriate treatment for the level of oestrogen you’re at…

    Hugs. xx

    I asked my Doc about the blood tests just recently and he said it’s not really acurate because the hormone levels can fluctuate so much.



    Hi Tully

    I know exactly how you feel, I’ve had hot flushes on an off for 10years, since 1997 (age 49), and had such severe hot flushes I wouldn’t wish them on an enemy.

    My experience for disappearing hot flushes has been raw food – ie nothing processed, no condiments, no bread, no dairy, no no no etc. Just raw fruit and veg. No great difficulty for me as it’s my preferred way of eating, just sometimes difficult to procure quality food. My downfall is social eating, raw just doesn’t work in a lot of cafes, restaurants and dinners with friends….

    I found after about 3-4weeks the flushes would become very mild and almost a pleasure, 4-6weeks they disappeared completely. If I remained eating raw for about 3months, I found I could get away with easing myself back into conventional foods and cakes and coffee etc for a further 3months before the flushes would come back.

    I have disappeared hot flushes five, yes 5, times. The social thing has been my undoing every time. Even a small amount of red wine will undo my progress.

    I’ve had a lot of variation with hot flushes too, all depending on what I’m eating at the time. At one point I started having a panic attack about 10minutes before a flush (having never had a panic attack in my life).

    I’m currently eating about 80% raw, so still getting occasional flushes, but bearable ones and I almost don’t notice them. I can still get a mild panic attack, sometimes up to half an hour before-hand. Pretty weird, but when I recognise what’s happening I just wish the hot flush would arrive and get itself over and done with so that I can mentally feel better again.:p:p

    I took natural hormone troches (dissolve under tongue) for 12-18months, they were vile but got rid of the flushes. I tried the natural progesterone trip after that, but the flushes came back, and having to rub the cream into my skin in hot damp places just made the flushes feel worse and encouraged a tropical fungus (that normally isn’t a problem) to multiply and aggravate everything.

    Raw isn’t for everyone. Where you live it may be difficult to get fresh live food, but if you can get it you should give it a try. Another simple tip is keep a bottle of water handy. I found just drinking a bit of water could cool me down sometimes.



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