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Hope for gay rams

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    Some trivia from the Internet

    An international outcry has greeted the news that an American university is trying to “cure” gay sheep of their homosexuality.

    Researchers at Ohio State University found that 8 per cent of rams are gay and another 8 per cent are sexually ambivalent – showing no interest in ewes or rams. After hormone treatment, some of the gay sheep began showing interest in ewes, The Sunday Times newspaper in Britain reported.

    The research has angered gay-rights activists around the world, with lesbian tennis star Martina Navratilova calling for the “homophobic and cruel” study to be abandoned.

    The researchers found that gay sheep had a smaller bundle of neurons in an area of their hypothalamus, a part of the brain known to control sexuality, than heterosexual sheep.

    The discovery was evidence towards homosexuality having a biological basis, said the research group’s leader, Charles Roselli.

    New Zealand gay rights activist Bill Logan said the study was “a false problem. It’s not about feeding starving millions. It’s about making an ideological point.”

    Scargill sheep farmer Andy Fox said the study probably was not for sheep industry benefit. “You’ve got to be a bit suspicious of why they’re doing this. They’ve got a very small sheep industry – about five million sheep for the whole country. I judge rams on their performance. What they do recreation-wise in their own time is up to them.”

    Dr Graham Barrell, from Lincoln University, said gay rams were “not perceived as a serious problem”.


    I don’t really know what to say about that. I just hate to think now that there would be some unethical people who would try and “cure” homosexuality in any being… didn’t we go through that already with electric shock treatment etc years ago? You just have to wonder, what is the point?


    Seems pretty basic to me. They’ll be experimenting on the rams so they can create a “cure” for homosexuality in humans.

    Control freaks. :tdown:


    Next we will be having a gay sheep mardi gra through New Zealand streets:clap:


    Bit weird really but it would be interesting to find out the parameters of the study. Most herd animals have some form of hierachy and nature in some species delays the development of males until the male leader starts to age, whereupon the lower ranking males start becoming more interested in the females. They then produce the neccesary hormones to challenge the patriach thus ensuring the next generation. Many animals also display mating behavour with the same sex as part of natural behaviour development or as a ‘recreational activity”. I guess we are not that different really:lol:


    wow. I guess curing cancer, HIV or even the bloody cold holds no attraction compared to the glory that comes from curing boy love in randy rams …:tdown:


    Consensual sex between grown sheep is really their own business, as it is with humans. Seems like pretthy stupid waste of effort to me.


    Ree, I came across it on a New Zealand news site (where else!) and it looks a genuine article, but who knows?


    Never had any probs with my rams when I had sheep. To illustrate my point I used to keep the rams seperate from the ewes to turn them loose at times to suit shearing, or market situation or feed availability. Beside the ram paddock was grazing a mob of 400 ewes and one afternoon a ram got thru the fence and was in with the ewes for a day, found him and returned him to the paddock thinking no real harm done but in a few months over few days had 78 lambs born.


    Bushy, I feel so inadequate after reading that!


    gee bushy a real ram should have done better than that:geek:


    lol at the lot of that .. gay sheep mardi gra lmao

    just sheep and new zealand lol

    i remember a study years ago with rats or perhaps it was mice where over population proved to bring about homsexuality, murder, theft, rape, disease, violence, infanticide etc etc .. all the ‘non survival of the species behaviours’

    i have never been able to understand gay on a biological basis .. though i always accept people as they are

    if the study is real .. i wonder what causes the ‘smaller bundle of neurons in an area of their hypothalamus’


    iIsn’t it interesting that they have found that homosexuality has a biological basis? I mean that prooves that an individual’s sexuality is not a choice. It is nature, not nurture.


    What a bloody waste of time and money!!!


    years ag we had crayon markers on the rams to show which ewes had been mated, next morning lots of marks but all on the other rams !!!!:D

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