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    i can’t find very much on homeschooling in Tassie.

    we are about to start HSing our 6yr old here in perth .we have found a perth HSing website .plus loads of activities to go to and do eg drama,sport ,arts and get togethers for socialisation.all in normal school time so just for HS kids.

    we are looking into moving to Tassie at the beginning of next year .so i have been looking to see what is there but i can’t find much can anyone help.:|


    Have you tried searching through Yahoo groups? Also, maybe Beverley Paine or the HEA know of a group or two? I’m sure I’ve come across some in Tassie before.

    We’re trying to start a secular group in Toowoomba at the moment, and are slowly slowly finding more people – they’re out there, but it’s hard to find them.


    I’ve just started looking into HS (mainly today actually :lol:) & have heard that there is a large HS community in the Huon are, but struggling to find local info/groups.

    I’ve sent a message to another HS’er I know & will post any info she has. is the group you’ll need to register with if you move here. I’m getting them to post me an information pack.

    Actually, there’s some good info in their newsletter – worth downloading!


    homeschooled my 3 boys for 3 years in Tassie

    I reg with theac as it’s a requirement then the boys started on the ACE program which a lot use and they have a school outlet in Hobart,Launceston and seabrook where you can have some days for your kids in a class room with trained teachers for help with what you don’t know,

    after a year my kids did the unschooling thing

    every morning they did English and Maths

    they learnt science and social studies by beening in the world doing things we do on a normal basic cooking teachers sicence and maths plus spelling, gardening does the same thing

    social studies could be looking at an atlas and learning about 1 country every week but my kids learnt a lot on farm

    I did have to prove they where doing things like this by having a list of rountines and work to show

    they did sports for teh social part of things and outings with us wheer ever we went , didn’t have a computer at home so they went to Online centre and I tapped into school productions so when they hd someone special come out my kids joined in

    do a search on google as I found I didn’t buy much and could print sheets off and keep for my record

    here in Tassie we have a good education place that gives 5 percent off anything you buy for your child well they did a few years back

    I did a lot of research and found lots of ways and resources to teach with out it costing heaps but so we covered the main things and made the rest fun in our daily living

    boys did go back to highschool but the 2 old boys left school at 16 and 15 both gained jobs and have never looked back and they where ahead of there class mates and did really well in subjects

    last one at home is at school and has been for a while now but his learning is off the scale and he is in grade 8 but at a grade 10 level due to still teaching him in a non formal way

    Homeschooling is great if it’s the right choice for you and your kids

    I only took it on because the teachers hadn’t picked up why the kids maths was always wrong – boys did them the wrong way round so once we got that sorted and was happy to pop them back into school because living on a farm in the middle of no where can be lonely for kids


    Homeschooling gave me great memories and I got to know my kids in a real way (what makes them work,think,who they are etc etc ) for this alone it was well worth it

    Today they all ahve a open relationship with me and my hubby telling us everything they do and if they get in trouble they ring us straight away no matter what

    I do still have lots of links so if you would like them pm me as I’m not sure if I can place them on the site

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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