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Homemade cough remedy?

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    Woke up with a sore throat and now persistant coughing today at work. I did a quick search, but couldn’t find any recipes.

    Any tips please? What works for you?


    Hey K!

    dunno about the cough, ut for a sore throat, my father would always make a salt and soda gargle. In a milkbottle (600ml) of warm water put in a dessert spoon of salt and a reaspoon of bicarb and gargle when cooled. It worked for us for many years.



    Put a few drops of water soluble tea-tree oil (15% strength) in a little bit of warm water and gargle to kill bacteria in the throat. Make a syrup of organic honey and brandy (say 1/8 cup of brandy with a tablespoon of honey) and take teaspoons of syrup at night before sleep. 🙂 Take vitamin c supplements.


    Gianna post=346429 wrote: Make a syrup of organic honey and brandy (say 1/8 cup of brandy with a tablespoon of honey) and take teaspoons of syrup at night before sleep. 🙂

    Even if it doesn’t help the cough, take enough you won’t care! :laugh:

    Another health hint from my father (I had forgotten but this discussion has brought it to mind): for coughs take a strong laxative…… won’t be game to cough! 🙂



    Lol Wombat!

    When I had a cough/cold as a child my mum used to mix up brown sugar, lemon juice and butter in quantitities to make a paste.She probably began by mashing up the butter , adding some sugar and then lemon juice.I guess honey insted of the sugar would be fine too.Take a teaspoonful at a time ………..I loved it!! :tup:


    I am loving all the suggestions 🙂 Maybe skip the laxatives lol wombat 😛

    I have salt and soda at home and lemon, sugar and butter (which sounds delicious by the way ) I will try tonight.

    Everyone in our office is coughing and people off sick. I’m going to have to work on my immunity I think, more fruit and veg in the diet, this is the 2nd time in 3 months I’ve gotten sick!

    Anyone eat raw garlic? Does this help? Big pot of veggie soup maybe in order as well!


    I’m drinking a mug of Nettle tea now as I know people who are sick. I have a couple of cups a day but if I do get a cough I mix honey and vinegar together and drink that. Lemon juice can be added to it as well. I don’t have a *recipe* just equal, more or less, amounts of each. I mix it up in a jar and have sips throughout the day.



    Kristy post=346432 wrote: Anyone eat raw garlic? Does this help?

    Only from the point of view of keeping other people at bay :laugh: (sorry *slaps own face* I MUST be more serious)



    Sore throats and the associated cough is pretty much the only thing I used to get and sipping water that had a few drops of tea tree oil in it was the only thing that worked. My daughter found colloidal silver was effective.

    I’ve never been sure on gargling rather than sipping. If the infection is lower down your throat, I was never certain the liquid would reach there?? Sugar is another one I’m not sure on – sugar feeds an infection.


    I eat raw garlic for colds, it does wonders and to keep with Wombat’s light side, is an excellent form of contraception lol. Chopped onion covered in honey and then drink teaspoons of the liquid works wonders for sore throats, you could even add chopped garlic. Also apple cider vinegar and honey in hot water. The raw garlic really is a winner though and even the Dr recommended garlic and I have a chest infection. The raw garlic works far better then tablets or crushed garlic in a jar.


    I’ve been using garlic oil capsules for almost 18 months now, particularly for my daughter who has one every night whether she’s sick or not. This is the second winter, in fact the whole 18 months she has been antibiotic-free, whereas every other winter she has had at least 1 – 3 ear infections needing antibiotics. She has one every night, and if anyone else in the family has so much as a sneeze or twinge in the throat, they have 2 until they feel better. Take them at night because they do for some reason make you burp and taste garlic, but by morning it’s not a problem. The ones we get from Woolies are mint flavoured which we find just weird, but they still work.


    Nettle and Fennel tea/infusion is what I’m sipping right now for my cold.


    grated carrot and honey are good for colds leave the mix over night and take the liquid a teapoon at a time the next day.

    Made my own Vicks today a friend gave me the recipe and its make lots

    buy HB vaseline cost me $2.75

    4 little blocks of camphor and crush them paid $3,50 for 2 tubes for the wardrobe only way Woolies sells them but have 6 left for next time.

    3 teaspoons of eucalyptus oil cost $3.75 but needed a bottle for the floors

    Use a bowl you won’t use again for food. put the vaseline, camphore and oil in tog and mix it all well. Put it all back in the container the vaseline came in and then pu tthe container in a bowl of hot water to melt it all tog.

    I est. the large jar costs me around $5 lasts for years. This is stronger then the Vicks version but you will need less.

    Rub some on your feet and put on socks and go to bed your’e coughing will stop.

    My dad used to make me a cough medicine when I was a child he would boil up pearl barley about 1/4 cup 1 lemon cut up in water to cover both and boil till all was soft. Strain and add enough honey to sweeten the lemon juice, for Adults add s good swig of whiskey also helps.


    Thank you everyone for your suggestions, I have been off the last 2 days, sleeping mostly, but I did try vicks on the feet, lots of honey and lemon, garlic and I had a huge pot of veggie soup, that just seemed to hit the spot…

    I don’t have whisky, but otherwise sounds like a great suggestion 🙂

    I’ll be keeping all these suggestions close for next time…


    Robyne,my DH swears by inhaling Vicks in hot water , with a towel over his head.Would the home made version with camphor in be OK for that, anyone?

    Perhaps Vicks has camphor in anyway! Will go check.

    Just checked the Aldi version of Vicks…….no mention of camphor but I’m not sure that DH should be doing that!!

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