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Homemade citrus oil cleaner

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    I was only just thinking about this thread this week as a friend at work has given me a bucket of oranges and as I cut them up for my lunch each day I am pealing them first and adding the peel to a jar of vinegar. I made a lemon one last year but haven’t had oranges to try until now.


    well i just thought id pop in and see how others have gone with this cleaner.

    i love it. im upto making my second batch but with the cold weather we dont eat as much citrus so hopefully it will last till it warms up again. i clean with vinegar anyway and now it has a orangey smell as well ..noice!


    Just seen this and looking forward to give it a go…


    I made up a few batches and it’s sitting in the cupboard under the sink.I’ve noticed the colour has gone dark but it still works fine halved withmore vinegar.

    Our orange tree down the back has heaps of fruit so I’ll have some oranges to use next time.

    Can someone give me a pattern for the cloths please.I have 4ply crotchet cotton in my sewing supplies sitting around doing nothing.


    Hi Karyn, I’ve used the idiots dishcloth pattern — hate the name, but love the pattern! You can google for it, or here’s a page full of dishcloth patterns: you can scroll down to find the link to idiots one. It makes a very pretty cloth, when I used crochet cotton I used two threads of complimentary or contrasting colours and they made very nice gifts.


    Thankyou Mudhen,appreciate the link.

    I think it’s me to a tee LOL.


    We were given some oranges. We made up a batch. Love using it. It works. Ma


    Ive got a batch on the out door table at the moment.



    Thought I’d bump this thread. My kids have been making orange juice for breakfast every day and I have a plethora of orange peels. I’ve got a few jars and a big tub of vinegar and peels on the go at the moment and will have lots of citrus cleaner ready to use soon. I mentioned this to the lady at the market who sells the oranges and she’s going to mention it to her customers – it’s better than wasting them all!


    I think I read somewhere that the half of the orange left over from juicing was good to catch earwigs, or slugs or something, put them on the ground so that a little cave is created, the critters crawl in there and then you can pick them up and “dispose” of them in the mornings


    Dose anyone elses orange cleaner start to smell not-so-nice after awhile? :shrug:

Viewing 11 posts - 76 through 86 (of 86 total)
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