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Homemade citrus oil cleaner

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    ok, i was looking for floor cleaner but i came across this, obviously i cant wait to clean my floors so i did them and will make this for every thing else. Also just finished my crochet dish cloth, no more disposable chux for me, im in love with my crochet cloth, and with this citrus cleaner i’ll be in heaven! guess im making cordial tomorrow then…


    My friend puts a few drops on the neck of her Saint and it helps stop bad doggy breath.

    I put peppermint oil under newspaper on my pantry shelves, it keeps out ants my doctor gave me that advice to try.


    I’m still making the citrus cleaner.I just steep it longer in the sun,I’ve got 2 bottles sitting been 2 months now- better check them today.

    After straining the peel off I just put the jars in the cleaning cupboard and use as needed.

    I will try oranges when the fruit is riper just for a change from the lemon.


    Hi:))this sounds like a great cleaner Is it possible to send me the ingredients please as I am very interested.

    Enjoy your weekend



    hi, it’s just citrus peel soaked in vinegar

    here you go


    Thankyou I will be make this today


    Hi All,

    I have a caution.. Grapefruit, extract or anything from a grapefruit has the ability to increase the power of medications. My Dad was told to avoid grapefruit or anything with it’s oil/extract in when he started taking medication for Cancer 13 or so years ago.

    His specialist was well aware of it’s remarkable power and obvious danger.

    Does anyone have any comments? I’d recommend sticking with Lemon and orange zest/extract to clean with. Though if you are taking medications discuss with your Dr (and hopefully it’s a good one that doesn’t blow you off at the mere mention)



    I am going to make this!

    I always use vinegar to clean with and being a bit frugal I always save my lemon skins in the freezer after they’ve been squeezed for when I’m making risotto.

    I’m pretty certain I have a packet right at the bottom of the freezer.

    Speaking of citrus oils. There is a huge amount of oil in citrus leaves. Would seeping them in vinegar work when your trees aren’t fruiting?

    Edited to add:

    I just found a pair of navel oranges in the bottom of the crisper that are looking a bit tired so I stripped the peel off them and they are jarred up in vinegar.

    I’ve also gone out and picked a big handful of grapefruit leaves and I’ve put them in a separate jar with vinegar, just to see how it works out.


    I’ll be interested in how you get on with the leaves Dotty!


    Thanks, Steve!

    I’m not sure how long I should let it steep but I’ll leave it for a week and then try a little on my stove top.

    Edited to add:

    Just had another thought :blush: *ouch*…If you were to break down/mash/bruise the citrus peel with a mortar and pestle or even give it a quick blitz with a stick blender before you put it in the vinegar it should give the peel more surface area for the vinegar to work on and lift more of the oil out of the peel quicker…rather than waiting for the full week or more.

    You’d possibly have to strain the vinegar through cloth before you use it so it didn’t block the nozzle of your spray bottle.


    Hi there everyone, I love to pop in here from time to time and see the enthusiasm for my citrus cleaner…it sure is nice to share….

    Calliecat, thanks for holding down the fort and forwarding people over to my blog for the recipe….

    Dotty, I love your excitement to explore and that is what sharing is all about,…your idea of pullverising the citrus peels before steeping is fantastic and yes, it would work great, but remember to keep it simple……just peeling and adding to the jar works well enough…..I figure any time saved in the home is well worth its weight in gold…

    Keep experimenting with other scents in your vinegars too….I can’t wait for you to report back on how they are going…..lavender or rosemary make a lovely air freshener/floor cleaner too.


    I have not tried this but after reading how simple it is I am going too!In Naval Orange season we go through about 3-4 kgs per week so shouldbe easy to get a fast bottle of cleaner!


    Dotty, I used a microplane to get the zest from my citrus with the first batch but found it impossible to strain well enough for use in a spray bottle. Let us know how you go with the pulverized zest.

    I’m still making and using my citrus vinegar and will start some rosemary for hair rinsing in the next few days.


    As a variation to the theme on citrus cleaner- I put lemon peel in a jar with metho – same as the vinegar recipe but using metho. This is used as a liniment for kinds of aches and pains. Many people have reported this mix as being helpful for the relief of aches, pains including arthritis.


    Very excited to say my mandy and vinegar mix has just gone on the window sill. I can’t wait

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