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Homemade citrus oil cleaner

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    I came across these instructions not long ago — has anyone else tried this? I have a bottle full of orange, grapefruit and mandy peel that I’m having a go at, and after a week or so of sitting on my bench, you can see the colour of the peel fading and the vinegar getting more and more orange-y. I’m hoping it works as well as the stuff I’ve been buying.


    I saw this but haven’t tired it because all I have are mandy peel and I wasn’t sure if that would work as well. I wonder if homebrand vinegar would work… I just might give it a go and see.


    Am definietly going to give it a try! I already use vinegar for most of my cleaning so adding the citrus peel, even if it doesn’t add to the effectiveness, will certainly improve the smell!!

    Thanks for the tip!!


    this is freakin excellent cleaner,please use it

    i have jars of orange,grapefruit and lemon sitting on my windowsill brewing away

    i used orange cleaner made with homebrand vinegar,and as i said it is excellent,cuts thru the grease no worries

    let it sit for at least 2 weeks


    I have mine brewing. Orange peel in a large Moccona jar. Looks way too good to clean with :laugh:

    Smells wonderful too. Cant wait to use it.


    Thanks for that link, that looks like a great blog


    Yes, thanks for the link. I already have some orange peel soaking in vinegar. Looks like a great blog and an aussie one too.


    Past the advice onto a friend who buys the stuff and pays over $8 for it. She said this will save her a fortune.

    Every thought of Pineapple :ohmy: I cut one up yesterday and the smell is lovely be nice in a bathroom????


    Thanx for the link, mudhen.

    I’ll be browsing through there (when not in here) and will definitely try some of the remedies there – if not all of them!

    Slightly OT.. my DW received a Cucumber and Lemon Fragrance for the linen cupboard. I was impressed, until I read the label. So many unpronounceable chemicals :shrug: :shrug: … oh.. and it did have some cucumber essence in it as well. (mind you, it did smell divine- but I won’t be using it) :S



    What a terrific site, thanks for the link mudhen. :clap:

    Take care,

    Bobbs :hug:


    So glad to hear that others are using the citrus / vinegar mix with good results, and that you’re enjoying the blog too — it’s one of the better ones I’ve come across on my surfing adventures, and I too appreciate that she’s an aussie!


    I’ll be giving this a try for sure. I love the smell of citrus cleaners. 🙂


    do not know about pineapple though

    i think it is only really for citrus due to the oils


    I’m going to be making this. How funny, the other day I was only wondering how I could make my own citrus cleaner as we bought bags upon bags of oranges from the local orange farm the other day. Off to check it out now!


    I can’t recommend this highly enough….any citrus works well, preferably just the zest(I actually zested some lemons and used them later). I have jars on the go here, Mum is making her own and I’m setting up my 3 adult children with their own. Mandarin peel is thin enough to use the whole peel and is my favourite fragrance of all.

    It cuts through grease with ease and Narelle (the “inventor”) sprayed it in her eye by accident and didn’t feel any pain. I use it everywhere now….windows, walls, oven, benchtops, bathroom and toilet and can’t imagine ever paying for a commercial cleanser again in my life. Spray it on and wipe it off…it comes off easily.

    At the Down to Earth forum we’ve even considered using it as a salad dressing with the addition of oil and salt and pepper 😉

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