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    Lady Bee

    Time to get the next swap underway, this time it is for a (as in one; single; not plural) Home Made Item

    Please register by sending me a PM and include your postal address


    Register by 1st May

    Swap buddies announced 8th May

    Item to be posted by 30th May

    If you feel that there is not enough time to make whatever it is you want to make and to have it posted by end of May, then please post on here what you feel is a more realistic date and I’ll consider changing it.

    Usual rules apply; if at any time you find you can’t honour your commitment, let me know IMMEDIATELY so that I can re-organise.

    Let the swapping begin.


    Me me me!!!! *wheres the hand up smiley*

    This should be just in time to give me an excuse to use my new sewing machine!!! And make a decision about which one I want πŸ˜†

    jennifer g

    oh yes i am in!:D:D:tup:


    Me too please :wave::wave:

    Will send you a pm.

    Lady Bee

    Please include your postal address in the PM.



    thanks Barb!


    Sent my pm, as we say in this house, I’m big Kev!!

    I don’t have a problem with the time frame but then again I don’t have small children to interrupt me.:lol:


    Oooh me too!


    I’m in.

    Lady B, if you stress that the swap is a hand made item (not plural) then people who feel their crafty capabilities are less than the people who send heaps of things in their gift (I am guilty of this) may not be put off.

    Hopefully we want to encourage people to handmake something. I really don’t think the swaps are a competition, not in the least, but it may seem like that to a new comer or casual reader. :confused:

    By stressing its one thing only for this particular swap it will even out the field and slower crafters will be able to get something done in the time without feeling as if they’ve short-changed their swap buddy in comparison to the faster crafters who pack a box with heaps of things. πŸ˜€

    Does this make sense? If not, just ignore me. πŸ˜†

    Don’t be put off folks! Use it as a challenge to learn a new skill or craft or refine one you already do less competantly. I am, hope my swap buddy likes it!


    :tup: Kathy. I’m COMPLETELY intimidated by some of the craft-y geniuses on this forum :confused: but I really want to participate.

    Lady B I’d like a swap buddy who is not fussy about wonky hems, poor sewing techniques and dubious quality knitting :lol::lol::lol: might have to go for paper crafts instead….at least my mini-guillotine means I can “cut” straight now :tup:


    This does sound like sumfink I could have a go at


    Only hope the chook tractor will fit in one of those Postbags :geek:

    Postingly yours

    Regards, Doc πŸ˜‰


    I’d like to be in on this one too… :wave:

    and no, Doc isn’t home made so I can’t swap him πŸ˜†

    I’ve PM’d you Lady B :tup:


    Very funny, Scarecrow.

    Reminds me of a mate who got a car for his wife.

    Now that is what you call a swap :jawdrop:

    Regards, Doc πŸ˜‰ depriving some village of its idiot :geek:


    ummm are there any restrictions? Or can anyone join?


    Me me me!! I’ll PM you now!!

    Doc and Scarecrow, you CRACK ME UP!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 623 total)
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