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    luvin wrote:

    demolition girl and miss fish bomb are gettting kitchens made from bedside chests

    i got old cake tins and gave them a coat of paint,added a apron and hat,potholders.wooden spoons

    That’s a fab idea luvin….mind if I steal it?


    How about:

    Home made cookies wrapped in fabric offcuts

    Herbs struck from cuttings in a nice painted pot

    A bit more involved but buttons or similar covered in old funky fabric and made into brooches or earrings?


    osakasuz wrote:

    Freshly ground curry mixes with clear instructions – just add veges or meat.

    Planted containers with herbs.

    Above ideas are great!

    Mmmmmmm, freshly ground cuuuuuuuurrrrryyyyyyy!


    I made a wheat bag for my DIL this afternoon with some lavender from my garden. It smells divine.

    I think I will make a few more for chrissy presents.:D


    About 20 yrs ago, when I was broke, I made Scottish shortbread for everyone, wrapped in cellophane in a basket for the ladies and in small tool boxes (you know those little drawer thingies for nails & screws etc) for the men. They all asked for them again the following year.

    Now that the family has grown and I have great-nieces & nephews, we stopped the presents for everyone, so there’s only DH, DS and Mum now.

    Some good ideas here though.


    Oooow, some great ideas:)………….weaver, I may just paint some pebbles for my Wwoofers as gifts for when they leave and give them instructions to send photo’s back of pebbles of thier travels:lol: The wheatbags are lovely Michelle-sm:clap:

    marz, how far ahead can you make the shortbread?


    go for it,i borrowed the idea from a blog somewhere


    roundthebend wrote:

    marz, how far ahead can you make the shortbread?

    It will keep for a few weeks in an air-tight container (as long as no-one finds it 🙂 ) then just pack it up on Christmas Eve or the day before you’re giving it.

    I still make it for us to eat at Christmas, it’s much better than the shop-bought stuff. Do you want the recipe?


    I did baskets last year for my parents and my granddad. I made up shortbread, gingerbread men, crabapple jam, caramel popcorn, and a few other things like a handpainted mug (I also do china painting) and a few selections of teas. I managed to find the shrink wrap bags in america when I was there last year, and used those to hold everything tight. Looked awesome, and was highly appreciated. 😉


    hope this works, but this is a pic of my little ginger bread men 😀


    Would love the recipe marz:D…………..can you mix up the dough and freeze now and cook closure to Christmas? Have been doing some biscut dough this morning and freezing ready to bake the week before Christmas for some goody hampers for rellies…………that way they get a nice mix of home make biscuts which are so much nicer than bought ones.

    Those ginger bread men are stunning shadow dancer:metal:


    Most of my friends will be getting home made biscuits and choclate coated turish delights or hand knitted socks:D


    I am making sets of fabric shopping bags for my friends- a set of 6 in funky colours- sort of a groovy version of the green supermarket bags. The fabric is recycled or op shop sourced.


    That sounds awesome. I am going to make a few more hampers this year. I am also going to put some “coal” soap in the chrissy stockings for my children 👿 I got the idea off another site, and tried it out yesterday 😀 Looks like fun! hehe


    Hi all…

    Yes, we are doing all homemade this year. I have time and not a lot of money, so homemade is best made!

    I have made a large christmas cake (will give cut pieces to friends), homecooked goodies in baskets wrapped prettily, book marks, homegrown dried herbs, potted herbs (taken from cuttings), mozzie coil hangers made of old forks and beads, and of course, homemade cards and recyclyed/homemade wrap.

    Have already bought baskets and small bits and pieces from op shops as I find them. Can never find this stuff cheap closer to Christmas!

    Great ideas everyone!


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