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holstein heifers…old enough to put in calf?

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    I have three Holstein heifers and I have worked very little with dairy cattle. I was wondering if they are old enough to put in calf. They are between 18 and 24 months and would be over 300kg. I rang an Ai fella today and I suddenly questioned if they were big enough. He is going to write me up a quote. I was looking at putting jersey over them. For small calves and good milks and one of my friends swears they are really good Eating.

    sorry waffles on so do you think they are big enough?


    Yes, they are old enough and big enough.

    However, you mention eating the offspring, well you have two dairy breeds here, good for milk but not for meat. I would cross breed with a Hereford or similar.


    Yep, they are old enough and heavy enough, but as bushy said, you won’t get a beefy off spring from that cross, however I would be a careful as to what you use as they are only heifers and may have trouble calving, the best advice I can give is to ask your “AI fella” for a beef bull/straw that is a known to throw small claves. Some bulls are known to throw big claves which can cause big problems at calving time, especially with heifers and high pinned cows.

    We used Dexters as they mostly threw small claves, but not all Dexter bulls throw small, we found out the hard way that one threw extra large calves, after the fist one, we induced the others cows (that were in calf to that bull) a few days early, never used that bull again.

    Using a jersey won’t cause any calving problems as the calves are usually very small.


    thanks for the replies.


    I’ve had a bit to do with beef and I will cross them with a beef type bull later, probably third calf as second time heifers often have a harder time calving.

    I never thought of eating jersey until one of my dairy friends assured me they are the best beef she has ever had. I’ve chatted to the AI fella he is going to write me up a quote but is hesitant about doing such a small number. Which is fair enough but annoying for me.


    Try getting AI for one cow :-/ How about a small beef breed like an Angus?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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