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    Hi to all,

    Just a quick introduction of myself.

    My name is Bryan (obviously) and I live in the Central West of NSW with my 11 year old son, Jacob.

    Unfortunately we live in town on a 1/4 acre block and have a large mortgage to the bank – doesn’t everybody?

    We have 4 chickens,4 ducks,2 geese, 2 goats, a cockatoo and a galah (Cyril), 4 budgies and 5 guinea pigs, 3 dogs and a kitten called Boris (and very good neighbours).

    We are trying to grow our own vegies but I need to fence the beds as the goats keep eating them!

    All in all life is good but I could do without the mortgage and the bills lol



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    Hi Bryan! We are out in Mendooran, just up the road from you with a tiny mortgage and a half acre of land. We only have 11 chooks including rooster and new chicks, 8 cats (rescues), 5 newborn kittens and a Great Dane pup. We have plenty of room for gardens and we want to put in more!!! If you want a bigger place, a quieter place or a smaller mortgage…..we are selling soon 🙂 (thats when we get around to it and work out where we want to go LOL).

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Howdy Bryan 🙂


    Hi and welcome Bryan

    Hope you enjoy the site. Cute goats!



    I used to have a mate who had the Royal at Mendoran. His name was Tim and his wife was Katrina. They moved to Bundaberg a number of years ago. Having visited the Royal many times in those days I am pretty familiar with the town. How far out are you and what is the house like?


    G’day Bryan

    Welcome to ALS

    I’m sure you will enjoy the journey



    If you were around back then Bryan, well before my time here, you might remember ol’ Harvey??? Anyhoo, we have his place and we are about smack dab in the middle of town so its about 3 blocks in any direction and you are out of town lol. Its a small town hey!


    Hi Bryan and welcome! My word, your 1/4 acre must be a busy place!!


    Hi Bryan, you are definitely not alone with the big mortgage! Enjoy exploring ALS, there are some great ideas and lovely people here.


    Hi Bryan,

    I’m new here to. Your goats and dog are lovely.



    Welcome Bryan!

    Gee, is there enough grass for the goats on 1000sqm?

    Maybe I will get some 🙂


    Welcome! Good neighbours are hard to come by. Sounds like you’re on a good wicket. 🙂


    Hello Bryan and welcome to als,

    That is quite a managery you have.


    Thanks to everybody for their kind words and I am sure that I will enjoy talking and learning from all of you. Just to answer Gleanert regarding the goats. There is a fellow, Bruce, who lives outside of town who sells ferals in Sydney – a fellow out at Cobar catches them and then sells them to Bruce. I picked up these 2 kid ferals for $30 each. Kids are the most effectionate little animals you can image – they love bottle feeding and lots of pats and cuddles. Once the bond is there it is almost impossible to break.

    HOWEVER – they are little terrors! Given half a chance they are in the house and climbing on the kitchen benches, your bed, the washing machine etc. And there is no confusing about where they have been! They are a pooing machine, leaving little pellets by the thousands wherever they go.

    As far as feeding don’t believe that goats eat anything because they don’t. They much prefer your prize roses, the bottlebrush that you have been growing for years and the occasional pair of socks from the clothes line.

    I supplement their feed with a bail of hay or pellets and give them a salt block.

    So far (12 months) they are doing fine


    Welcome Bryan, I love the name Cyril for the galah. I would love to have 1/4 acre and be able to have the livestock!


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