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    Hi to everyone in Als land,

    I have been lurking for some time now. Feeling a bit shy and in awe of what some of you amazing people are doing. I live in a rental property in a small Victorian mallee town, went through a divorce 4 years ago and am starting again.

    Have always embraced a frugal and simple lifestyle, even though my gardening skills are pretty ordinary, with silverbeet being my only regular crop. Its handy that I like it. 😀

    Am a nurse and am studying social work part time, have a strong belief in community. I believe that for all of us to survive the downturn coming, that communities have to stick together. Looking forward to getting to know you all.


    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Hi there Lisa, nice to meet you 🙂


    Hello Lisa, :wave:

    It’s very nice to meet you. Glad you decided to join in.



    Hey Lisa, :wave:

    I’ve studied Social Work too… many moons ago… great area to work in, (not that I am at the moment… too busy with the kidlets.)

    I’ve actually managed to kill my silverbeet this year 😮 (and I thought I was a rather decent gardener haha), so you’re doing well with your crop of silverbeet.


    Cheers – Erthgirl x

    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Hello ferngirl and welcome to ALS:wave:

    Hope the journey is an exciting one for you:tup:




    Hello ferngirl and welcome to ALS


    jeanette kirkJeanie

    Hi Lisa ,Welcome to the mad mob I live north of Kirsty in the Mallee in Rainbow been here 18 mnths having a struggle growing veges but beetroot does well Ive been with ALS since 2006 joined when I lived in WA.

    Have fun.:wave:


    Thank you everyone for your welcome. I love doing homely things like cooking , craft, restoring old furniture and reading. Would love to have chooks but my yard is tiny and it would not be fair, am lucky that I get fresh eggs given to me regularly from neighbours. 🙂


    Hi Lisa

    I was a nurse until I studied social work and never looked back -there are lots of us converts around.

    You will love this site it is fantastic :metal:


    Hi Lisa,

    We moved to the grampians region (western Vic – on 15 acres) about 15 months ago to try the semi self suffiecenty thing. And yes its a huge learning curb hey, especially when you have always lived in the city and the biggest bit of land that I had was 700sqm which was mainly filled with the house LOL.

    You could probably still keep chooks – maybe just 2 -3 hens. Why not consider bantums instead of the larger breeds? They will love your vegie scraps and keep your bug population down if you let them free range. Just remember to fence off the plants you want to keep otherwise they will be breakfast.

    Like you I love the homely stuff, and I am a nurse also. I have also just enrolled to do my post grad this year (emergency) as I work in a place where we have no dr’s on site and we often have to manage serious stuff on our own until we can get the dr in – which can be quite confronting at times.


    Virgill, we dont have a doc in our hospital either, I am a div 2 nurse. I’m doing a graduate conversion masters in social work, with my undergrad in visual arts. You have me thinking about the chooks and what I have laying around that I could house them in.

    Weaver, I know a few social workers that started as nurses to, My course is 2 years full time but I will probably take at least 4. The prac components are huge and I have to fit in with work, annual leave etc.All be worth it in the end.

    Jeanie and Kirsty, I’m in Murrayville, the furtherest outpost of mildura council and go interstate to work lol. Good to see some other mallee people here.


    Ha just relised that I live at the other end of the Murrayville Track:metal: I have always wonder what was at the other end:lol:


    😆 @ Kirtsy. Hey There ferngirl. Welcome to the mob.:wave:


    Hi Lisa, I also am a newbie, just out of Charlton…Welcome:D

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