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    Hi everyone! I’ve finally rediscovered this site and am in my element 😀

    My little family have moved onto our 37 acres in Dongara WA (Bookara to be exact), we’re living in our caravan and shed while we build our house. I’m looking forward to starting to build the vege patch and getting some fruit trees in and planting tuarts, illyarries and red gums all over the property, though not until it cools down.

    We have 8 isa brown chooks at the moment that lay way too many eggs, and shortly we will get some ducks to keep the snail population down. My parents have a property down the road and will give us some of their orphan lambs to start our flock, Dad is a butcher and slaughters as well so that’ll come in handy 😉

    I can’t wait to get everything going, the house is the main priority at the moment but once that’s done, look out! You’ll all be sick of me soon enough haha!

    Take care



    Welcome to the site :wave::wave:


    Hi Shelly, Welcome 🙂

    I am another sandgroper, currently in Busselton, but heading up to Wiluna in April on a personal trial before moving out there permanently next year if all goes to plan 🙂

    All I know is that I have to get back to this station I stayed on for 3 weeks last year, and things will work out. I don’t like to bring religion into conversation in a forum like this, but I feel I am following God’s plan for me.

    The vague idea is that we will improve the Aboriginal community at the station as well as setting something up for whitefellas too.

    Personally I am going to live a simple and self-sufficient lifestyle out there in the aim of improving my health and trying to get out of the welfare system.

    Anyway, enjoy the site- its been a great source of information and support for me 🙂



    Hi there, Welcome back. :wave::wave:


    Hey Shelly,

    Sounds like a great task you’ve got ahead. Beautiful place Dongara… I lived in Geraldton years ago…

    Good luck

    Take care

    Cheers – Erthgirl x

    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Welcome Shelly:wave:

    Sounds like exciting times ahead. Enjoy the journey:tup:


    Hi Shelly

    we are sort of just down the road near Lancelin 😀 same climate anyway 😆 same sand to battle with !





    Awww shucks :shy: thanks everyone!

    swaggie – sounds like you have a plan, good luck to you and I really hope it all works out!

    Ggang – Hello neighbour (sort of). I grew up in Mundijong and then lived in residential Baldivis and I’ve gotta say, the soil up here is so much better! We have loam, sand, pockets of limestone and marl and a ridge of granite running through the middle of the place. The soil here is fairly fertile too which does make things easier to grow.

    Cheers guys!


    Hiya Shelly…We are sortof doing the same thing as you, ie living in a park home while building…sure tests the family unit and tollerance some!! LOL

    Good luck!


    Hi bdm6125! I just noticed you are in Serpentine, I grew up in Mundijong so spent many a weekend at Serpy Falls!

    Oh yes, I love my kids but with us all living in each others pockets, my patience gets tested on a regular basis… can’t wait to finally have some privacy! Slab gets laid this Thursday yay!


    Hi Shelly

    I am amazed that your soil is so good I presumed all the coastal area was like here ! lucky you 😀

    I lived in Serpentine and then Mundijong from 1976 to 1988 !!



    hi and welcome Shelly, I am always impressed by people like you who bite the bulet and walk the talk. we lived in a 16 ft caravan for two years in Geralton, loved it and always wanted to do what you are doing, never got there. 🙁 now just doing my bit in the burbs. :tup:


    Hi there

    Long time since I had time to be involved but now have the time and will be building a house on the property at Beverley. Straw bale- we are really looking forward to the next adventure:tup:

    jeanette kirkJeanie

    Hi shelly lived in Jarrahdale for 16yrs moved out 2004 knew a lot of people in Mundi.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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