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    Duck Diva_73

    :wave: Hi all, just joined up with the forum. What a great site 🙂 Im looking forward to meeting you all and having a chat 🙂 Cheers, Wendy 🙂


    Hi Wendy – I love this place, so many nice people and so much good information shared. Hope you have fun here.




    G’day Wendy :wave:


    We’ll all line up so you can meet us all, 😆 Welcome and enjoy!



    Hi Wendy:wave: Welcome to the site.:)


    i love busselton, its one of my favorite spots,:tup: we go camping there alot.

    they fixed the jetty yet?


    Hi Wendy, this place is really handy, lots of very helpful people.

    I think you gave me some advice on the WA Poultry forum awhile back.


    John and Zoe

    Hi Wendy

    Welcome to ALS.

    I’ve often seen your posts on WA Poultry Traders. 🙂

    Haven’t got our own chooks yet but shouldn’t be long before we do.

    Love Busselton! In past years, Zoe and I spent a lot of time diving under the jetty.



    Duck Diva_73

    WOW! Hi everyone, thanks for your welcomes 🙂 I have had a quick look earlier through some threads and will probably be on here most of the evening!! lol So much to read.

    No they still havent fixed the Jetty 🙁 Hopefully it will get fixed soon. Its not going to be the same in summer without it.

    Yes I am a regular on WA Poultry Traders. Thats a great site too. Lots of friendly chooky people.

    I have recently got a vege plot at the Busselton Community Garden. My plots a bit sad at the moment so Im off to do some work on the weekend and get things jumping.

    I dont have the right spot in my yard for veges, its either too shady or the chooks and ducks eat everything 🙂 Its a great place to garden though, lots of lovely like minded people.

    Well Im off to look around the forum now.

    Seeyou all around 🙂

    Cheers, Wendy


    Hi Duck_Diva Wendy :wave::wave: Welcome to the site!!!

    Just up the road in Capel.

    The Busso community garden is great, sure it wont be long before your vegie patch is full of stuff :tup:

    sewing lady

    Good morning and welcome

    Tassie Tiger

    Hello Wendy and welcome to ALS,

    last time I was over your way was in 1982:o So I think it might be time for a return visit but don’t worry it wont be tomorrow:lol:

    Hope you enjoy the journey to simple living:tup:

    Duck Diva_73

    Hi guys 🙂 Thanks for the welcomes. Dentydog , you are close! Might really see you around one day!

    And Tassie Tiger, you should come back for a visit. I havent been to Tassie yet, but I might retire there. Fell in love with the place from some huge paintings I saw as a teen in our State art gallery in Perth. They were of the rainforest wilderness etc. and just beautiful. I cant afford to travel yet. One day when the kids are older, Al and I will be off over to check out the other side of Oz.


    Hi Wendy and welcome, we come down to Bussleton at least once a year, its our regular family holiday spot!! We have chooks, worm farm and some veggies and tass or margaret river is my ideal retirement dream so wow we could be cloned. Similar aged kids too 3 between 4-15!


    Duck Diva_73

    Hi Di, wow! when you come for a holiday down this way, we should catch up. Im sure we could find many things to chat about considering lol 🙂

    I dont have a kombi ….yet! But I bought a 7 seater 4 wheely when pregnant with Skye so we could fit everyone in!

    Cheers, Wendy

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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