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Hi All – We are about to undertake a Strawbale build!

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    Hi Everyone,

    My wife and I are looking to have a crack The Goode Life. We are undertaking a large change for us and hopefully have organised the resources to go ahead – currently we are in negotiations in regards to a chunk of land, looking to leave the rat race behind… Hopefully we can get some support from the community, make some online friends and maybe help someone else on the way.

    We are hoping to achieve:

    – Negative Carbon impact on our home by utilising Straw Bale infill. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    – Water recycling – I have designed industrial recycling in the past, translating that into a home/residential environment may be a challenge (looking forward to a bit of help – what the eff is ksat in regards to septic drainage? 🙂 ).

    – Anything that will assist us to have a bit less impact and ensure that maybe one more generation gets a crack @ life.

    – Hopefully have a bit of fun and a laugh along the way (and knowing my temper a bitch and a moan).

    Looking forward to speaking with you all.





    :wave: :wave: All the best for The Goode Life.Sounds very exciting.


    Thank you BlueWren.

    May have got the spelling wrong on my personal inspiration (love that show) – Old(e) english.


    I’ve heard of people using reed ponds and willow trees for filtration as far as waste water is concerned. Not sure at all if this is what you are referring to, but it is an interesting read none the less.

    Can’t remember where I first heard about this system but it is interesting.



    Hi Dyson, welcome to the site. DH and I are quite interested in the whole strawbale home thing so keep us posted with how it goes. What size land are you looking at and whereabout are you?


    Funny, I have been just looking into strawbale houses this week after I went to a presentation on the weekend, which convinced me I would love a straw bale house, but not in the position to build at the moment.

    I come here to find you building one, so I will be watching and cheering on from the sidelines 🙂


    Hi there Dyson :wave:

    Welcome to ALS … :tup:

    I am another of a few people on here interested in strawbale building, and will be keen to hear of your progress.

    May i ask where you are building?

    Sadly, it is still a while off yet for me, but I’ll be building a load-bearing SB house in Clunes, Central Vic.

    Are you familiar with the Ausbale site?

    It might be good for advice and tips.

    Have you done a sb building workshop?

    Good luck & please keep us posted.



    Hello Dyson

    We have the plans for our straw bale house almost ready- we are just waiting for the structural engineer to sign off on them. I attended a Straw bale Building course and a couple of bale raising days.

    I first came across straw bale in Canada a number of years ago and loved the look and feel. I think Straw Bale is great but would say that before you start get some experience. The course was what gave me the confidence to decide to do it on the property.

    :tup: :clap: :tup: :clap:


    That’s excellent news Penny.

    Hope to read your posts/updates for pics etc.. :tup:


    Hi Dyson, Be interested to follow your journey. We built a rammed earth loft house some years ago now and have also done a bit of wattle and daub and cob. I love all forms of earth and natural buildings. I have not done any straw bale though so will be looking forward to your journey as well as Penny’s.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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