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Here's one for weed eaters in Melbourne!

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    [url url=http://][/url]

    Might have to buy the book! Surely some QLD weeds would be the same?

    Sorry, live links don’t seem to come up any more? I used not to have a problem inserting them. :shrug:


    it’s easier now i think B/W,

    just type the url in like it is a sentence in the body of the post


    Participant – first on the booko list,

    currently on ebay for $22.50 – second on the booko list

    for all those aquainted with booko 🙂 (best book site online) :tup:

    here is some info about the book

    Edible weed walks in Melbourne, and the publication: The Weed Forager’s Handbook


    AlanE post=349652 wrote: Booktopia – $17.50

    plus $6.50 postage

    ya forgot tha postage lol


    The Book Depository is, I find, one of the best online book stores, they have a huge range…as a bonus postage is always free.

    I’d put up a link but I’m pretty hopeless with technology…much to the despair of my children!


    realise I need to rephrase LOL –

    for those not familiar with booko, it is a site to go to, when looking for the best price of a book,

    it’s not a book shop

    when looking for a particular book, it gives a list of places, in order of price, from lowest to dearest

    most times (but not this one) BD is in the top 3


    calliecat post=349654 wrote:

    Booktopia – $17.50

    uumm – you forgot the postage 😛

    Booktopia has free postage until midnight Sun 21st Oct on any order if anyone is interested. The magic word is SALE.

    This is an extract from an email I got from them. It works because I just placed an order.

    To receive free shipping on any order YOU MUST TYPE the WORD:


    …in the PROMOTION CODE FIELD ON THE LAST PAGE OF THE CHECKOUT PROCESS. *** please read the next paragraph so you can apply your code correctly.

    *** The promotion code field where you enter the word SALE is just above the section where you choose your payment options like Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc. This is on the last page of the checkout just before you complete your order. You need to click the word “Apply” next to the promotion code field to receive your free shipping discount.


    I have asked Milkwood if there are real photos , not just drawings,so will post any info I get back.

    Purely for ID I have a handy little book ‘Gardener’s Companion to Weeds” by Suzanne Ermert , all photographed, published by Louise Egerton.Covers a description,photo of each weed,habit, control and method of dispersal, but not much info re foraging.

    Just found this on the original link.

    This handbook is the essential text for both novice and experienced wild food foragers. The guidelines, excellent ID photos and choice of most useful and common species will give the novice confidence while the facts and recipes will extend all but the most advanced weed aficionados. For the gardener tired of joyless weeding Adam and Annie open our eyes to the fact that the problem can indeed be the solution.” ~ David Holmgren, co-originator of the permaculture concept

    ◦Full colour photos and botanical illustrations

    ◦Detailed edibility and medicinal notes on 20 main common weeds, plus another 14 short profiles

    ◦Delicious and easy recipes

    ◦Remarkable tales from history and folklore!

    Step into the world of our least-admired botanical companions, peel back the layers of prejudice, and discover the finer side of the plants we call weeds. An astonishing number are either edible or medicinal, and have deep and sometimes bizarre connections to human history.

    But how do you distinguish a tasty sandwich-filler from its dangerous look-alike?

    Which of these garden familiars is the most nutritious vegetable ever tested by the US Dept of Agriculture?

    How do you cook with delicious nettles without fear of being stung?

    This book reveals all this and more, and will forever change your concept of where to go looking for lunch.


    Okay, here’s your weed post, easy to miss things using my iPhone to browse, rather than my 23″ display- monitor!


    Something I like to browse on while passing by the plant, not really a weed but it can grow like one, is the new choko leaves and stems, also the baby chokos. Fresh from the vine, just right! These plant parts have medicinal value too, anti-inflammatory properties is one. :tup:

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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