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HELP !!! toad breakout

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    i am desparate for advice,we have a toad breakout,our patio is swarming with these,under our outdoor planters,even our pots are swarming with these

    we have eliminated heaps but it is out of control

    please can you help !!!

    thanks in advance


    This might help, in the news today, a toad killer…

    Spray will make cane toads croak

    February 22, 2011

    A SMALL Canberra bio-tech company has developed a household aerosol that will kill cane toads in less than a minute.

    ”It’s completely humane, there’s no twitching, writhing, foaming at the mouth, turning blue or anything at all traumatic,” the spray’s inventor David Dall said.

    ”It’s not toxic to people or family pets, and won’t contaminate the garden with chemical residue. You spray the toads, they hop a bit slower, stop hopping and become unconscious. It kills them in their sleep.”

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    Dr Dall’s company Pestat, developed the spray to help prevent family pets being killed by toads in suburban yards.

    Cane toads have poison glands on their shoulders, which can kill dogs and cats that pick up toads in their mouths. The toad venom causes rapid heartbeat, convulsions and death within minutes.

    ”We’re hoping people will use this spray rather than golf clubs and cricket bats to kill cane toads,” Mr Dall said.

    The lemon-scented spray, called Hop Stop, sells for just under $20 and has taken almost two years of chemical testing to reach the retail market. It went on sale in Queensland yesterday.

    ”Its active ingredient, chloro-xylene, is is already in use in personal care products,” Dr Dall said.

    Brisbane Times


    Wow! :ohmy: What will it *cost* to rid us of our cane toad problem?


    :cheer: chloro-xylene aka Dettol. That took 2 years of research?

    I was told years ago that spaying a toads head with dettol would kill it almost instantly – but when I tried it I missed the head and toadie hopped away. I eventually found it and the hind quarters that I had sprayed looked as if it had been burned in a fire. It was dead alright but i don’t know how long it took :S

    I decided not to try it again but this year we are running a toad farm :sick: and I have been trying to nerve myself up to another go.

    Anyone with a stronger nerve than me willing to give it a go and report the results?


    find their breeding hole and targe them there, is best get the toadpoles out of the water it’s all over red rover, or find the eggs if you can. me i used to listen for the male call after rain and go get him use landing net and bag and freeze, most humane.

    the more you catch now the less next year, in 4 years went from catching around 600 down to a couple dozen if i was lucky. the frog population exploded, great stuff.



    According to this site: chloroxylenol is highly toxic to fish


    I usually go with the shovel method myself, not always effective but does the job on the few we get.

    I would go with something more effective if you have quite a few. Maybe try this new stuff or the detol in a sprayer…

    Good Luck


    Most effective control for us is group hunting just on dark with everyone armed with glove and bucket, tip the catch into an old rubbish bin half filled with water and half a cup of dettol( or home brand equivelant). Repeat every night for a week and it really gets the numbers down ( at least around the house and sheds)


    Vinegar sprayed on them kills them too


    Hey RTB, how quickly do they die? ‘Cos that would be the best way I reckon. At least I couldn’t miss them then.

    My main problem ATM is that I’m getting quite fond of them 🙁


    Bird aviary wire around the perimeter of anything you want toad free works pretty well. It doesn’t have to be high because they can’t really jump high. It works well to stop them digging up seedlings in your garden too. Also dig a toad trap – a hole in the ground with a solar light in it, they fall in going after bugs and can’t jump out. Also keep outside lights turned off as this attracts them. Good luck!


    I dont stand around to watch marigold, just put them in the bin and empty it in the morning into what we call “the stinky hole” ( a pit we dig and when nearly full cover over with soil)


    thank you all great ideas

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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