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help – sick chickens

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    Cocsi also has secondary symptoms usually associated with it the birds will be lethagic and fluffed not wanting to do a lot but sleep. cocsi will usually kill effected birds with 7-10 days if untreated.

    if they are still very active and eating like horses – i would suggest worms – as a symptom of worms is blood in the droppings. Birds can carry a very high worm burden for a long period befor showing outward signs, worms usually dont kill adult birds unless left untreated with a severe worm burden for months – having said that its not healthy for them and regular worming or pen rotation should be a part of ever ones husbandary practice.

    don’t eat any eggs laid for 3 weeks after treatmenr – this is how long the Sulpha quinn takes to get tottally out of the system.

    if you are lucky enough to still be getting eggs – boil them up ( hard ) and feed them back to the hens – yep this is taken into account in the 3 weeks


    possum lodge

    thanks for the info. i’m hoping that it is just worms and think that they may have responded to the garlic and onion that i gave them while they have been on the sulphaquin. they seem quite happy and there haven’t been anymore offending faeces. i will worm them this week too though. I just panicked because i was told that it was most likely cocci with the symptoms of red faeces. and i had trouble getting help locally. a vet nurse i know laughed at me for caring about my chickens so much. there are only 2 vet practices here and they both said that they don’t really treat chickens.

    thanks everyone :hug:


    Hope things keep improving :hug:


    Possum lodge- glad they are getting better

    once the worming cycle is complete, clean the chook house and place in new litter this will remove about 80% of the worm eggs from the environment.

    treat the chooks every 4/6 weeks with the garlic and onions – this will keep a lid on the worm burden- once you have worms on your property you are very unlickley to ever get rid of them totally.

    plant a bit of wormwood too if you can get it and snip of a bit each month and pop it in with them.

    most chooks have worms – unless they are caged – it’s only really really bad for them when the nubers build up.



Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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