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HELP!! I have REAL triffids growing! Been nice knowing you all………bye.

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    I have the weirdest thing happening here.Can’t remember the name but we have a pretty pink flowering plant growing all mixed in with Bouganvillea up a free standing wall…( :dry: that’s another story ).

    New shoots look like this ….not the best pics but you’ll get the idea.

    This is where it gets creepy! :ohmy: Same plant, but what IS going on?? The stems, usually narrow and round , have become very wide, completely flat , and with leaflets growing out of the stem all over the place!! :ohmy: :ohmy:


    whoa – lol, nice to have known you BW lol


    That looks a bit like the funny sort of growth you get on some plants if they are exposed to low levels of roundup. We once had a mower guy decide to spay a bunch of weeds for us and accidently managed to catch the 40 year old rose bushes with the overspray. They survived but the new growth was very wierd for a while. We never used that guy again.

    I’m guessing roundup is not the reason (unless its against the fence and your neighbour has used some) but it could be stress of some other kind. Too much water? Competition with the Bouganvillea. They are pretty aggressive the old Bouganvillea.

    I’d say stress but someone who actually knows stuff may well disagree.



    Judi BJudi B

    I have the same thing with my Pandorea not sure if it is a disease but I just prune out the weird section and the vine comes back next year.


    Definitley no Roundup or similar.We have been here over twenty years, and there has never been any .There is often petrol fumes in that area from DH fuelling up the mower…..and it’s just occurred to me that my mini greenhouse is near there too.But nothing odd happening with small rosella plants or loquat seedlings.But he’s been fuelling up mowers there for over twenty years too!! But that weird plant is a long way from the main stem….

    These three plants – there’s another pink one – have been growing together here ever since I planted them when we moved in and by their prolific growth they seem to all get along OK.There’s a Wisteria near the odd growth too!!Never had any problems with it.If it is stress it’s mighty robust growth!!

    To be continued……….if we survive…….


    Good luck Bluewren! I have no idea either, but maybe safest not to walk too close at night… 😉


    Its a sport, just a bit of a growth defect on that branch. I have had it on Echiums, and no chemicals anywhere near. Think the plant is a Pandorea? I have a similar one, but growing at only moderate rates with no water.

    Cut off the weirdo branch if you dont like it, it isnt doing any harm to the rest of it.


    Still here!! There are three of those branches,and looks as though one of them is going to go round in circles.I’m going to let them be for a while – fascinating!

    The other pink one is a Pandorea.Not sure about the one in the photo.May be a different Pandorea , if there are different ones?

    Judi BJudi B

    There are different colours and I have a pink one on the fence and the wild form down the gully, very pretty flowers.


    would be interesting to know if you leave them what happens, just stand well back if it starts to get teeth 😛


    I have this plant and so does my mother. Hers grows up a jacaranda tree and when it flowers, it looks like the jacaranda has put out pink flowers. It’s very effective!

    Do they also call this type of weird growth a ‘fascination’?


    I don’t know Steve, but it certainly is! I’m not going to cut them off….way too interesting.Normal new shoots of that plant grow at an incredible rate and I’m constantly trimming them off where they hang down on the other side of the wall, where we walk.The photo of the weirdos doesn’t really indicate how strong and robust the unusual growth is, and it’s happening fast too!! :jawdrop:


    Found it!!! 🙂

    Podranea ricasoliana Pink Trumpet Vine or Port St. John Creeper

    Burke’s Backyard Fact Sheet


    BlueWren a similar thing happened to my golden mustard, next time it seeds I will send you some :woohoo: 👿

    The oldest plant in the group grew stems that I swear were 6 inches wide and all the leafy bits etc just grew as normal from the wide stem. Several other stems also grew that way.

    I thought they were rather fun and I was impressed that I had managed to grow such an interesting thingy. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    So I am now impressed that you have grown an interesting thingy also. :clap: :laugh:

    But thanks to Greth we now know the correct terminology. :clap: :tup:


    PS: Forgot to say that no chemicals or poisons of any sort used in my garden excepting of course, lawn mower fumes. :sick:

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