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Help – Chook limping and now claw is limp :(

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    Not last Sunday, but the one before I noticed my chook has started to limp, I confined her for a few days thinking it may have been a sprain, but no improvement. I took her to the vet and they gave me antibiotics for her, but she isn’t improving.

    Tonight I noticed in the bad leg, she is no longer grasping my finger. I have noticed a black scab on one of her toes of the bad foot, but it isn’t red. I asked the vet about it and he said it wasn’t bumblefoot.

    She is still eating and drinking, but lays around a lot more, obviously hard work hopping around on one foot.

    What do you think? Sorry about the bad photo, but hard when on your own.


    bumblefoot looks like a big pimple (the pussy head bit). you can pull it out just like you can a blackhead (lovely).

    other than that, i’m not sure. hope she gets better soon


    I hope she’s better soon too, Kristy. Have you tried asking over at I know they have some expert chook people over there too.


    Thank you Bron and Mudhen 🙂

    I spoke to vet again today and he gave me more anti flammaTories and told me to keep giving her that, plus the antibiotics, I’ve also just started giving her a daily Epsom salt foot bath to see if that helps.

    I felt her knee joint today and it is very inflamed. She jumps when I press it. She looks more active tonight, hopping around, so fingers crossed!


    Could also be Marek’s disease…thats how our girls went- started with what appeared to be a sore foot- turned into a paralysed leg…then a mostly paralysed chook. Its fatal. Keep an eye on it. Mareks is highly contagious.


    I am rather concerned that it could be Marek’s disease, just really hoping it isn’t. Here is my chook soaking her feet yesterday. She seems to stay put when I put her in the epsom salt foot bath.


    thats a gorgeous chook Kristy


    I hope the chooken comes good Kristy, she sure is beautiful. :hug:


    How’s she doing today Kristy? My blue Australorp hen started limping & her foot was curling under her & giving way a bit as she walked the other day. I put her in a cage to rest her leg, thinking she’d just hurt it jumping down from the house. She hasn’t improved & seems to be falling on that side a bit – she can’t put weight on it. Think it’s a trip to the vet for her too. Is there a test they can do for Mareks?


    I really don’t know how she is doing, BV, it’s hard to know. She is still limping or hopping mostly, and not getting worse thankfully, but don’t know if she is getting better.

    Unfortunately they can’t test for mareks without killing the chicken 🙁 its just a wait and see game, which isn’t nice.


    I’m thinking my hen’s is a straighforward injury to her leg. Small cage, quiet space for a week or so for her I think.

    Hope yours is getting better too.


    How is your chook BV? Did you take her to the vet?

    My little girl doesn’t look worse, doesn’t look better, still hopping around, with reasonably good balance, still a waiting game.


    Good luck with your chooks Kristy and Bandicoot Valley. I hope they’re feeling better soon.


    Thanks Kristy & Bel. No, still haven’t taken her to the vet. She still can’t weight bear on her leg, poor hen. I’m hoping it will get better on it’s own, so I’ll give her a full week & then see how she is. As she’s one of my best breeding hens I’m hoping like mad she’s okay! I certainly can’t put her back with a rooster if there’s serious damage to her leg.

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