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    Couch grass .just keep digging it out I think is the only way .Not easy.


    Off to feed my fifteen Chooks .Getting 10 eegs a day at the moment. Realy good.will put some in incurbator next month

    Gordon Scott

    Seen this site the other day and decided to join up (this is a big deal for me).Looks to be some great info & ideas from some interesting people which is a welcome change. My wife & I are dismayed at what society calls normal living these days it is a real concern and is not self sustaining, you can only mine this tired old earth for so long. My wife was a Pre-School Teacher for 25 years and has witnessed so called normal behaviour first hand with little or no child discipline and demanding parents who do not want to know. We are in the process of simplifying our life and decluttering, it truly is a cleansing process with positive benefits you really do not need much to be comfortable. I read on a site once that it takes between 50 to 70 kg of ” Raw Material” to make one mobile phone, it was a eye opener for me. Anyway i have raved on enough and hope to learn and contribute from what looks like a interesting site.


    thought I would bump this up and encourage newbies to introduce themselves. 🙂

    Lady Bee

    Well I’m not a new addition to ALS, it seems I’ve been around forever. I know a lot of the ‘oldies’ went off to Facebook, but I confess I didn’t like it as a medium. The old ALS seemed to be dying a slow, agonising death, and I got sick to death of removing spam, so eventually I gave up and didn’t log on for ages.

    I’d all but forgotten ALS but then I start getting weird emails coming from Dan’s email account with links to ALS threads so I tried to log back in and couldn’t. Tried to reset password, that didn’t work. Tried emailing Dan, got them returned to me. So again, I gave up.

    Then came another email, with a link to Ballamara’s sad post and I recognised her name so tried again to log in, this time the password reset worked and here I am.

    I’m classed as a ‘keymaster’ which might be like an admin or moderator, but I can’t work out how to get to any admin section (if there is such a thing).

    If you see spam, by all means alert me, but I can’t promise I’ll be able to figure out how to fix it.


    Hello. I’m sorta new – have mainly been following on FB but like this forum better.
    I live on Eyre Peninsula South Australia, by the sea – windy, clay and rocky soil, temperate climate, lots of bugs. But I wouldn’t swap it for an acre of goats! Love my garden.


    A belated hello Gaila. I like this forum better than fb as well (& less advertising). Sounds like you have your gardening work cut out for you with clay & rocky soil!


    Hi everyone, I wS excited to find this fab site : my husband and I live in Brisbane with our two sons – looking to sell everything and make the move to large acreage, live ‘off the grid’ as much as possible (with the exception of needing ‘internet’ for business and life – we homeschool). My background is in marketing and coaching (though for 20years prior worked commercial and construction law); my husband is a tier 1 site manager but his trade is carpentry and he has a builders license (as well as building pest and pool Certifier quals).

    I would love to chat with anyone who has done a major lifestyle change involving
    – building your new home; have you worked with rammed earth or straw bale?
    – moving 3-4 hours away from a major city; what influences were most significant ie permanent water supply, type of land ie timbered/cropping/grazing ?
    – living off the grid; what are the realities of daily life which should be considered as a priority please ?
    – the greatest challenges when moving into a more remote community base; acceptance, medical emergency situations etc?
    – what animals are most viable for a relatively self sustaining lifestyle? (We have 6 chooks and one 🐶 atm)

    Thanks so much in advance 🙂 fiona


    Hello FiEddie, welcome to ALS. I live 2 and 1/2 hours from a capital city and off the grid.

Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)
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