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    That’s what my kids have dubbed us and I kinda like it!;)

    I’m Kelly and I live near Gin Gin in Queensland, on 62 acres. We’ve been here about six months now-we is myself, my husband and our five kids. We’re completely off-grid which is interesting with all these children to look after (the eldest is five) and as we’re currently living in a teeny little one-bedroom shack i’m excited about building an alternative house as soon as we can!

    I love permaculture, chooks (we have 11 so far) and cooking from scratch, which is good as they all mesh very well. And we’re homeschoolers………….I think that covers just about everything. Would love to meet more like-minded people in the area too.

    Nice to finally out myself after a long, long time lurking.


    G’day Kelly & welcome. :wave:


    G’day Kelly and family from the Territory :wave: Sounds like an interesting life, good luck with the house plans :tup:


    Busy, busy family. Welcome and enjoy!



    Hi Kelly, welcome to the forum.Lots to learn around here.


    Hi Kelly, looks like there is plenty of things you are interested in around here. Your situation sounds challenging, yet rewarding! Welcome and will see you around the place.


    Hi Kelly:wave: I homeschooled for a few years too, may again next year. Only one though, so not as busy as you.:)


    Hi Kelly

    We are in Deepwater which is a few hours from you.We moved on to 50 acres here about 10 mths ago and have gone a little feral ourselves mainly due to low water atm.

    Luckily our children are grown up and we have the place to ourselves.

    You will find you have stumbled upon a few thousand like minded souls here:D

    fluffy chook

    Welcome Kelly:wave:Sounds like you have a busy life – what a great start for your kids, growing up in the bush.:tup:

    Judi B

    Hello from the ferals in the bush

    When I saw that I thought you may have been from Wattle Camp 😆 went to a meeting in town once and the people from there kept calling themselves “ferals”

    Anyway Welcome to the site and as Kathy said

    You will find you have stumbled upon a few thousand like minded souls here:D


    Howdy nice to no there others out in the big wild world with as many kiidz as me, its pretty fun sounds like a lovely family adventure:tongue::)


    welcome to our group :kiss:

    Do me a favour call yourself bushy freinds. Had too much trouble with real ferrals:shrug:

    Tassie Tiger

    G’day and welcome to ALS:wave:

    5 small persons in a one bedroom shack:jawdrop: Your are brave.

    Enjoy the journey to simple living:tup:


    welcome !!!!



    great to have u as a part of our community

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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