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    Hello and thank you for making this site so interesting and welcoming. We, my husband and myself moved to Tassie 2 1/2 years ago to retire and live the simple life and haven’t worked harder in our life’s but enjoying it inmensely away from pollution traffic crime etc..We bought ourselves 2 acres with lots of fruit-trees and have already established a vegiepatch, with a lot of trial en error but having fun in the process. We try to preserve and bottle what we can and share some with the wildlife,and the neighbors of course.

    Thanks for making one feel welcome

    Good LiferGood Lifer

    Hi Rosebudd, and welcome to ALS. :wave: Where in Tasmania are you? Hard work is great, eh, when the reward is lovely fresh food straight from your own backyard!


    Hello RoseBudd, :wave::wave:

    It’s nice to meet another Taswegian.


    Hello RoseBudd

    Your fruit trees and vegie patch sound fantastic.


    :hug: Erthgirl

    Shangri LaShangri La

    Hi and welcome RoseBudd. Where did you move to Tassie FROM? Living in Tasmania is my fantasy. Hating the cold is my reality unfortunately – was that a major readjustment for you?


    welcome 🙂

    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Hello Rosebud and welcome to ALS:wave:

    Another refugee from the lessland but that’s ok I’m starting to get use to it;) Sounds like you have good set up there. Where abouts are you?

    Enjoy the journey to simple living:metal:


    Welcome Rosebudd, Great to see some more Tasmanians here. When we have a Tassy G2G you and your husband will have to come along and meet us.



    Good Lifer wrote:

    Hi Rosebudd, and welcome to ALS. :wave: Where in Tasmania are you? Hard work is great, eh, when the reward is lovely fresh food straight from your own backyard!


    Oh sorry, I am still finding my feet and that wasn’t supposed to be the reply still trying to find all the right boxes .


    Hi Rosebudd, Lucky you living in the Tamar Valley it is so beautiful here. What are you growing? where did you come from? What is your dream?

    That’s enough quetsions for now!


    Hi there! :wave: Sounds like a great set up, you’ve got…


    Hi and welcome to the group

    you live near a friend at Glengarry beautiful area.


    Hi Rosebudd, we are on the Central North coast of tassie also been here bout 2 1/4 yrs we just love it. We bought a 9 acre property which has an orchard, and a veg patch, also we have a couple of cows and sheep and chooks, and my passion, horses. we just love having our own meat its a great feeling. Our goa,l as we love it here on the coast, and you dont even need a green thumb lol everything grows ! is to purchase another block and build a sustainable envro home and have solar panels and alittle wind turbine, we have been researching and boy is it exciting… anyhow looking forard to chatting with you and maybe we can have a Tassie g2g soon. Cheers


    Hello Rosebudd!! We are in George Town!! lovely to see you here!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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