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    Hellooooo! It’s been along time since I was on here chatting and swapping with you beautiful talented people. I have really missed it but there are only so many hours in a day and so many facets to life that one can squeeze into waking hours.

    Those who have been on here for years may remember me and I have enjoyed reading some of your recent posts.

    I think it has been about 18 months since I was on here regularly so for those of you who know me a quick catch up of events:

    I have a job working in disabilities (my life experience has held me in good stead)

    We have managed to keep our house in paradise (by the skin of our teeth but we have done it)

    My DD has had her baby (wedding plans on hold at mo) I am a Nan of the worlds most gorgeous little man

    My youngest DS is in yr 1 this yr and is slowly progressing but still no definitive answers -speech therapy is helping but not the ultimate answer

    But he is just beautiful and special and such a whiz at other things maybe reading is over rated lol

    My DS2 is in yr 10 he has a casual job at Maccas’s (not the ideal but we live in small town low ops for him)

    My DS1 is still working at same place n has bought a nicer car which is his fav colour too. He is making his way in the world now after about 1 yr of really fighting hard with himself – fighting the black dog that taunted him with suicide and scaring the wits from us all. I have taken extra steps for DS2 to give him tools to cope as he had experienced both older siblings attempt suicide due to depression and that makes it such a risk for him even without depression. The school is working with me on that one too

    Hubby has not had proper work for more than 2 yrs and is now the house husband most of the time -supposedly however I make most meals and he reheats at appropriate time when I am on shifts. I also do housework between my shifts with him finishing it off for me eg I do washing he brings it in later in day next morning I fold and put away. I fill dishwasher and put it on he empties it if I am lucky. He has 3/4 painted the house, 3/4 sorted the driveway, 3/4 set up spare room after furniture swap around after DD and her partner and bubba stayed for 3 months to save for move to the big smoke. In fact most things are 3/4 done if indo not do it myself.

    The stove caught fire in June and I thought I was going to loose my house but I managed to get it out and keep damage to only stove and paintwork. I now have a new smog gas stove -achy the bliss – it has been in for 1 week. I have made choc chip biscuits, Anzac biscuits, fruit cake, pizza, Yorkshire puddings and 24 jars of jam already. I love cooking and the 1 burner camping stove really wasn’t cutting it anymore

    We lost our Onslo doggy last yr just died in his sleep no sign of anything previously

    We lost hubby’s dad a few weeks back and are still coming to terms with that – even when death is welcomed as a release from the pain it does not diminish its impact

    Still growing what we can on our little piece of paradise and the wolf is not at the foot of the bed any more or in fact in the house but he sits on the doormat with an occasional wander down the path or a peek in the door but we are doing so much better financially than we have in yrs – nothing to spare but if we pay each months bills by the last day of the month then we are ok 🙂

    Shout out to old friends like RTB, Bobbie, Jimc, possible JudiB, bluewren, harrynewitt,and heaps others whose names I recognise in posts but cannot think of right now



    Hi Narelle, welcome back. It sounds like you have more than enough on your plate so hope you get a chance to sit back and relax and catch up on some posts. 🙂


    Hi Narelleh,   How nice it is to have you back.  I’d say you are very well qualified for work in the disability area, good on you.

    Congratulations on joining the ranks of grandparents, it is an incredibly rewarding experience I promise you.

    It’s great that all your children are moving ahead in their lives, you must be very proud of them and I must say that they are very lucky young people to have a mum like you.

    It will be lovely to bump into another friendly alser around the site when you manage to find a wee bit of spare time.

    Love and Light,

    Bobbs      :(|)


    Welcome back!  You’ve had a full-on 18 months, no wonder you haven’t been around much!  Like Steve said, hope you get the chance to visit more regularly and have some down time for yourself!


    Good to see you back Narelle,  life can be tough but we just have to make the best of it.

    Lady Bee

    Hi Narelle, welcome back.  You’ve certainly been busy!!


    so good to see an old face/picture. I haven’t been on for a while, but am also back with lots of good news,   :bz


    Hi Narelle. Lovely to see you back.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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