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hazelnuts and almonds

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    Hello, I’d like some advice about growing hazelnuts and almonds in Ballarat, please.

    I’ve read that hazelnuts don’t like heat over 35 degrees, and we can expect a few weeks in the forties most summers here. Could I grow them partially shaded by deciduous fruit trees if I keep them pruned? I’d really like them for branch material as well as the delicious nuts.

    With the almonds, I’m concerned about frost. Is anybody growing almonds successfully around here? I believe we get quite late frosts here, and almonds blossom early.

    Thank you! 🙂


    The Cradoc nursery sells them in bundles (you need a mix of hazel bushes for cross-pollination, so they sell them in bunches of 10 plants). their website gives good cultivation notes so you should do a google for them. Almonds cope with frost – I had several large trees on a place I owned in Cambridge, Tassie which has quite a similar climate to Ballarat (odd I realise, and not so many really hot days, but otherwise similar). Our latest frosts in that part of Tassie are generally around late October, but can be a bit later some years.

    Judi BJudi B

    I don’t know much about Hazelnuts but I know a bit about Almonds they can stand frost we get down to minus 12 degrees in winter we can get frosts right into October I had an almond here and got some nuts but mostly the King Parrots got them. The reason I don’t have it anymore is that it got attcaked by termites :@


    Gday Kiwimama,

    We’ve got Hazels and some almonds. The hazel will cope with higher temps than 35, but they need more water, they have surface feeder roots. The almond plant is O.K. with frost, but if you get the late frosts, look for a later flowering variety.

    Cheers Pinetree.


    Thanks very much everybody! 😀


    My Nonna has a huuuge Almond tree and she lives in the suburbs of melbourne. they seem to fruit fine except the cockatoos get to them 😛

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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