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Hayfever relief

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    Don’t know if this will help anyone but I have just got hayfever really badly, I’m congested, sneezing, have itchy eyes, I’ve lost all sense of smell and the only thing I can taste is the putrid infection that is building up in my throat. I am taking a course of decongestants plus anything else that may give relief but, unexpectedly it came in the form of Fishermans Friends lollies – I really can’t stand them normally but I bought a packet ($1.85) and have gotten a good measure of relief from the blocked and runny nose and find that my head it a bit clearer for a while. They are sooo strong that I can even taste them for the short while that I am sucking on the lolly. For that price I will be buying a few more packets, just need to keep them secret and hidden from my husband who loves them!! :sick:


    I also suffer from hayfever more so in SA when I lived in Victoria and Tassie nothing but here its hell.

    I found a product that helps me its Cenovis Allergy and Hayfever relief. I also take a garlic tablet

    The tablets are around $11 normally but I got mine marked down to $6

    There are 60 tablets in the bottle and I take 1 a day when I feel it coming on

    so it will last for a long time


    Chamomile tea for me – it really calms things down. Best if taken early, as soon as the sneezing starts.

    Fisherman’s Friend hey.. I’ll remember that if I’m out and can’t get a cup of tea in time. 😉


    thanks Robyne and purplehat,

    I’ve tried all the antihistamines (sp?) over the years and nothing works for me but I will give the things you mention a go, I’ve recently planted out german chamomile in my herb garden so hopefully it won’t be too long before I can make my own chamomile tea. We love garlic here so if I get some tablets and explain the benefits to my family, it may just mean better health solutions for us all.

    After just one day my head has cleared really well and while I can feel an infection in my throat that too has cleared measurably, I’ll try to gargle colloidal silver water to get rid of that and see how it goes. It’s the first time in years that I’ve found something that works that doesn’t cost a fortune and I’m really pleased with it. Won’t be long now and I’ll not be able to stand fishermans friend lollies so they will be packed away, ready for next time!! :clap:


    I never had hay fever or allergies til I got pregnant with my son 3 years ago and since then it’s been horrendous, anyhoos I use a nasal rinse now a couple of times a week and it seems to be helping and I’ve not had a bad day since doing it, I still take an antihistamine with the change of season..

    You can buy them at the chemist I have a Flo one, pretty much u squirt saline water up ur nostril and it comes out the other one clearing and cleaning on the way 🙂 if you do go this route I highly recommend you keep ur tongue at the back of ur throat or you’ll be drinking some of it hehe

    Good luck I hope you find some relief


    You poor thing! I don’t get hayfever too bad, but I sneeze heaps and get itchy eyes. I found that eating nasturtium flowers helped with the sneezing and itchy eyes. Odd I know, and I was sceptical of it at first but I guess it’s always worth having a go.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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