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Have we become a germaphobic culture?

Home Forums SIMPLE SUSTAINABLE LIVING Natural Cleaners and Products for the Home Have we become a germaphobic culture?

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    I mostly use eucalyptus and vinegar. I do use hospital grade disinfectant for the toilet now and then like when there has been some gastro. My husband does work in a hospital and he has brought home some unpleasant germs two maybe three times but that has been about once a year or two. I have some of that antiwhatsamegig that you don’t wash off and I hate it but it’s there for other people if they want it.


    Yep Wazza, you raise a good point…

    It really is as simple as that isn’t it… simple hand washing and sticking to principles of basic hygiene…

    We’d all be a lot healthier if our population as a whole was exposed to good clean germs 😉


    the promotion that gets me is the one that says mum’s aren’t doing their job unless they have an automatic bug sprayer plugged into teh wall socket, i mean teh greater majority of houses are screened after all so what flies and mossies are there ever going to be?



    I don’t want to cut up my food on a board just sprayed with nasty stuff designed to kill living organisms, I don’t want to rub drying, eczema inducing stuff onto my hands, I don’t want to eat off the floor or out of my loo so I think making them germ free is a strange pursuit, I don’t want stuff designed to kill being sprayed into my home automatically in case there is a fly and I can’t be bothered lifting a cheap flyswat…I think it is sad that people are starting to believe that this is the best way to look after your family. I am greatly infuriated by the advertisement for a hands free antibacterial handwash dispenser- if I am washing my hands after touching it who cares what is on it?

    *Sigh* I know I am preaching to the converted- at least you folk make more sense to me!


    I had forgotten about those spray things I have 2 sitting up on the cupboard. One of Hubbys ideas then found it bothered his asthma so they were switched off. We do have a bad mozzie problem down here from the rivers being so close by. They are so big they argue with each other whether they are going to eat you there or drag you away. when they bite it swells up to the size of a 5c piece so we have to be very careful. We do have one of those bottles screwed into a thingy that goes into the power plug, as we have a cat door for the dogs the mozzies get in that way so I put it in the laundry area.

    My Mum only ever used yellow soap, vinegar and bicarb for cleaning. We had very clean clothes she boiled them first then put them in the wringer washer rinsed them and dried them in the sun. Whites were white, [you can tell the ones who use bleach their whites are a lovely shade of grey] In the rinising water she had the old Blueo in it. If we were sick at anytime the clothes and bedding was washed in hot water with a bit of eucalytus in it to kill the bugs as mum said.

    For the bench tops she rinsed in vinegar and washed the dishes in yellow soap, washed our hair in it and rinsed in Vinegar. we never got nits or dry hair. It was always shiny and clean and washed once a week.

    Dad made all ours and our eldest sisters soap. he knew what was in it.

    We had to wash and rewash our hands if failed inspection, DOn’t forget behind the ears you could grow potatoes in them they were scrubbed clean again and again. Only knew one kid with an allergy and he couldn’t drink milk, Granddaughter isn’t allowed peanut paste at school against policies.


    good onya jessie,

    for those flies that get past the screen doors it is fly swatters for us as well. and yes i can see that those who have mossy problems need to do something? maybe hand some citronella soaked cotton wool balls near the dog/cat hatches? when in rural we did not get lots of mossies but enough so we resorted to mossy nets and will do again if we have to they work well. also would a yellow coloured light distract them?

    maybe we didn’t have many mossies because we had insectiverous bats about? and logts of frogs in all standing water.



    I have a degree in Microbiology and Immunology, and the only anti-bacterial chemical in my home is Eucalypus oil.


    Jessiebean post=319044 wrote: at least you folk make more sense to me!

    It’s nice isn’t it to find people on the same page!


    I couldn’t agree more with what everyone has said. It is such a relief to hear some common sense in this crazy world of paranoia about hygiene. DH is a chef and if you want to hear about paranoia the food industry would have to be high on the list of ridiculous product driven crazy standards done with little common sense or research (at least unbiased research) for that matter. When it gets to 23 hygiene steps to make a sandwich (which of course no one actually does) you have to wonder where we are going as a society not to mention all the regulations about plastic cutting boards (only to find that wood is actually more hygienic but still banned), well you get the picture.

    The problem being that living is such a sterilised world it is no wonder that those that buy the story end up vulnerable to every germ that comes along.

    Like many mentioned before, basic common sense is all that is required.




    Hi all

    I tend to agree with the lot of you good ‘germy’ people 🙂

    I reckon a few germs are a good thing. Everything in moderation I say! :tup:

    In some cases, especially the food & hospitality industry, I guess it is the Public Liability threat that’s probably concerning those in charge. We are becoming a ‘suing’-society .. like some other countries :blink:


    I suffer with MCS ( multiple chemical sensitivity ) and even the smallest contact with any of these products will kill me 👿 germs I can cope with :dry:


    Last time we were in Canada they had a huge campaign going encouraging people to go back to good old soap and water. They have found that bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibacterial products and therefore more dangerous. All our kids played in the dirt and are reasonably healthy adults. We are also having bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics because they have been used so much. I once went to my doctor as I had a really bad cold and as a teacher I wanted to be sure that it was just a cold and not something worse and was told I could be given an antibiotic. Apparently some people are unhappy if they don’t leave with a script I didn’t bother and am still here!

    My Dad at 90 still thinks salt water is the best disinfectant you can use.


    Absolutely Penny! We are slowly going to kill ourselves with antibiotic resistant dangerous things at the rate we are going. Good old salt, soap and vinegar is just about enough, (although, like someone said earlier, i do still use chemical cleaners after gastro break outs)

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    i do still use chemical cleaners after gastro break outs

    I have found that useing the good old essential oils, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus do just as good a job, if not better, as any of that store bought rubbish.. and it smells way better!



    All thanks to advertisers playing on our darkest fears of inadequacy.

    Evidently, my kitchen is a hotbed of disease, the neighbours whisper about my dirty blinds, and visitors judge my loo. But no need to become a recluse – all will be well if I use the right chemical cleaners/hanging loo thingy. :shrug:

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