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Has anyone had experience with relieving the torture of baby eczema?

Home Forums HOMEMADE Natural Remedies and Health Support Has anyone had experience with relieving the torture of baby eczema?

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    Green Gidget

    My son had a nappy rash when he was about the same age that was the angriest shade of red, it would flare up and die down, but never went away.

    After so many creams and diet changes and doctor appointments, I took him to a specialist, who decided it was psoriasis. He prescribed a cream, he said it would “help”, but it would never completely go away….. and then went on to tell me to ignore the warning on the label….. It said not to be used on infants due to nurotoxitity :ohmy:

    Needless to say, I never filled the script…

    So I took him to a natropath, who after a few simple tests, prescibedhim 10mls of cod liver oil twice a day.

    He was completly breast feed, so I just used an eye dropper to give it to him… the smell was yuck… esp if some got on his jumpsuit and then went into the wash….. then all the wash had a lovely fresh aroma of fish :blink: :sick: :laugh:

    But he grew to seem to like it, and I probably only gave it to him for a month or so…. and his supposedly incurable rash went away…. and has never0 come back


    We had a little girl we looked after and when she arrived she was covered in rashes head to foot.

    The welfare had gotton her cortozone cream that made it worse.

    I read in my books to use olive oil after a swim in the ocean.

    Luckily it was November so every day after school her and the dog went down to the beach and she swam for an

    hour and then came home washed herself in plain water then we patted Olive Oil all over her.

    She had to have a complete change of clothes every morning but her rash came off of her in chunks and

    left her skin in pale patches and slowly it went pink. I kept the swimming and olive oil till it was all gone.

    Her skin had become harden patches as it was untreated by her parents for ages.

    We told the welfare what we were doing and the woman said we should of stayed on the medication.

    She is fine now

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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