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Has anyone had experience with relieving the torture of baby eczema?

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    My four month old grandson has developed severe baby eczema – very distressing for everyone , especially for the little fella and of course his parents.

    We are aware of the “result of vaccination” debate, and I don’t want to discuss that here at all, thanks.Grandson’s eczema is probably genetic, likely on his dad’s side.It’s not as though one asks about genes when you fall in love!!

    Has anyone had success with alleviating the discomfort for very young babies, please? I am looking into bamboo all- in -ones and sleeping bags, for their superior softness.


    try goats milk soap


    Oat baths work well. Put some rolled oats in a stocking & put them in the bath with him. Poor little mite. Also, if she’s breastfeeding him, squirt some milk on the really sore spots, it will help it heal.

    I have had friends whose babies have suffered badly, I’ll ask for more advice. They’re all natural guru’s.


    My preferred option is to find the cause, rather than treat the symptoms

    (though of course, you would until you find the cause). My youngest

    didn’t have eczema, but an allergic rash from wheat. Took me about 6

    weeks to work it out. I had some clues though (IBS due to wheat).

    So that would be my suggestion – if he is breastfed, mum may need to

    remove the normal offenders from her diet (dairy, soy and wheat) and see

    if it makes a difference. Be aware it can take up to 8 weeks for the

    wheat proteins to leave their systems and for healing to start. Dairy

    and soy aren’t as long. If he isn’t breastfed, you might just have your

    answer there.

    It might also be the detergents his clothing is washed in??


    *Bron* post=347850 wrote:

    It might also be the detergents his clothing is washed in??

    a very good place to start


    Pure organic coconut oil is also very soothing & healing.


    Elimination diets & environmental reduction may help find the causes & triggers.

    I find Aloe Vera lovely and cool and very soothing when I get the itchs.

    Best of luck BW as it must be distressing for all involved.


    Bugger lost my reply! Will copy this one in case!

    Anyway paw paw ointment and sudacream helped my youngest. We can only use OMO and usually sensitive and same with softener because we all have sensitive skin, same goes with deodrant and soap. I tend to break out with too much yeast! My baby has had it from the beginning but maybe that was caused from what I was eating. I have heard good things about oat baths and also moo goo? Where abouts is it? It can be as simple as changing washing powder. It is quite common.


    Thanks everyone.I will pass on the ideas and info.The bub is completely breast fed so my daughter is eliminating wheat, eggs and dairy from her own diet at present.I will tell her the wheat takes a while to go out of the system.She’s using moogoo already.

    The air is extremely dry up here in SE QLD at present and I’m wondering if a humidifier would be helpful at night?

    The rash is pretty much everywhere when it really flares, especially his scalp , it does vary, and his eyes are often very itchy as well. He is swaddled at night with an all enclosing cotton/elastane swaddler but because it is stretchy he can still reach to rub his eyes.All his other clothes and bedding, floor rugs etc are pure cotton.

    Follow up doc appointment tomorrow, and yes, definitely aim to find the cause , but have to try to alleviate the discomfort meanwhile.

    Please keep the ideas coming.

    Thanks from Grandma! 🙂


    I don’t have experience with children’s eczema but viola tricolor (wild pansy, heartsease or Johnny jump up) is a common herb traditionally used for treating it. It is very gentle. It can be used as a food by mum (flowers added to salad, leaves to any recipe using greens) or it could be applied directly to the skin as a poultice.


    A Modern Herbal describes it as being used for cradle cap too (near the bottom of the page):


    Stress is a major cause of eczema in babies and adults! I realize that’s one of the hardest things to control, but is mum or dad a bit highly strung by any chance? I had a friend who’s poor bub was in the worst way with eczema, she was going through a particularly nasty separation and divorce. Once she and the kids were out on their own and things calmed down, the eczema magically disappeared. Not suggesting your daughter’s relationship is in any kind of trouble, Bluewren, but just a reminder that physical symptoms aren’t always down to the obvious things like food allergies, though that is a good starting point.


    Thanks mudhen.As far as I know it’s a very peaceful household with no immediate stressors.But having said that this little guy is a first baby ,and there were major changes in their lives just after he was born , by C section too , including an interstate move and new job for dad, but both parents are very level headed.My daughter’s not working so is there 24/7 for the bub, and apart from the recently developed eczema he’s been a supremely easy baby, great sleeper, and even now seems to be sleeping OK at night, although panda eyes are a give away for him trying to get at the itching.

    My daughter has aked me to say “Thankyou” to you all for taking the time to post your suggestions.She had already heard of some, but not the oat bath , which she will try.Applying breast milk had no effect , moogoo started off well but then seemed to aggravate it!

    They do have a cat and a dog, both beloved pets, so I’m really, really hoping it’s not animal hair and dander causing the problem………………

    What about soap nuts for washing?


    :wave: BW. My boys both had eczema as bubs. For the first sudocreme mixed with aloe vera worked but on the second I had to forgoe the natural remedies and go to a very thin smear of steroid cream to get it under control. Nothing else worked 🙁 . I would definately look into what detergents she is using as well and also what food she is eating in the way of artifical colours, preservatives etc as I know something in chocolate custard always caused DS1 to flare up but it wasn’t dairy as he could eat other dairy without any probs. Both of our boys are also allergic to chlorine which has a similar appearance to eczema when they react to it. You can get chlorine filters for bath taps etc and see if it makes a difference. Bubs is only 4 months but some do start them on swimming lessons very early. If bubs is in a chlorine pool that could be causing it too.

    Try the brand ECO (it’s a NZ company) for washing detergent. I’ve found it good.


    Lightly soiled clothing comes out quite clean when just washed in water. I wouldn’t use any soap on him at all. He can be cleaned with virgin olive oil and wiped with a damp cloth. 🙂

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