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    sue esue e

    just came down from the back gardens with a collection of 5 chocolate capsis and a big cos lettuce together with some spinach for a salad for dinner tonight’s. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it.? the silverbeet looks great too. planted billions of seeds today. a shady job for a hot day. talk about feelgood:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    fluffy chookfluffy chook

    :clap:yum – sounds delicious! You’re right! It does makes you feel good when you can harvest your own yummy home-grown produce. :tup:

    I’ve been picking broccoli, sugarloaf cabbages, silverbeet, a few different types of lettuce, kale and some red cabbages – I just love the colours! – all those leafy type things, but since the weather has warmed up, I have noticed a few little grasshoppers appearing


    Sue what does the choc capsicums taste like? red or green?

    sue esue e

    just put one in the salad. a bit of a disappointment really. not chocolatey at all.:jawdrop: i would say they tasted more like a green one. I thought they would have a richer flavour.


    Good on you Sue, enjoy!! :tup:


    Nice one.. 🙂

    Did you pull the Cos out of the ground? Try taking only the leaves you need and let it keep growing.. will last for quite awhile 🙂


    Eating a meal out of the garden is so satisfying. :tup:


    We’ve been harvesting the broccoli. Tis sooooo much different to eat it from the garden. It has a completely different taste! We noticed it straight away! so different. This is our first year at growing more than just a few tomatoes and beans. Im very pleased with the outcome. Our leeks are still coming along…bit small at the moment, but the leaves are really starting to go to that flat strappy look, so Im excited about them as well. Our cabbages arn’t heading though??? I think hubby planted them a little bit too close together, and our cauli’s didn’t head either? same deal too I think? its truly exciting to eat fresh though! Well done to all of us for doing it, or at least trying it. 😀 :tup:


    Patience, shadowdancer. The caulis and cabbage can take a while to head, especially in this cold. They’ll get there :tup:


    Oh cool…we had an exceptionally warm day yesterday and the day before! hope this doesn’t slow them up??? Im very excited though. Am building my food foresty thing nicely. I think I might have to get me a grape next 😀



    I cut into a commercial tomato the other day for a salad – Boy I had forgotten how tough the skins can be and how tasteless the fruit! I had become so used to our home grown it was quite a shock so hurry up and grow all you new tomato seedlings.


    I have planted for the first time this year some Black Russian Tomatoes and am getting about 4 off a day at the mo with 4 plants. The fruit are so large and heavy the branches bend over, but still stay alive. even though we have staked them. They are marvelous things, look green or black still but great patterns inside and cut so beautifully. Eating a salad from our little container gardens, most night again now. spinach, rocket, raddicio, herbs, tomatoes, shallots, chives. so yum yum.


    i can not wait for my crops to come along

    sue esue e

    cfsw, maybe i will give the black russians another go. not much success last time. thought it may be too hot here for them but if you’re growing them in Rocky I guess that’s not the case.I agree the few I managed to get were delicious.

    stang, i did pull the lettuce out as we eat a whole one in one sitting- 6 0f us -all saladophiles.I put in a heap of mesculan mix yesterday though so may be able to keep up with demand a bit better. Also have some frilly pink and green mignonette coming along.



    well done everyone, there is nothing like it is there? I’ve rarely felt so proud of anything as a plate of homegrown food.

    I love the Black Russian tomatoe, so beautiful, so sweet as well. Can’t eat shop bought tomatoes anymore, outside of the organic stall.

    Think with the Chocoate capsicum, ( which I’ve grown) the chocolate just refers to the colour – shame.

    Growing purple Afghani carrots again this year, beautiful.


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