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hanging meat

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    I know (or have been told) that longer hanging is better for texture & taste of meat but i’m wondering as moist of the resources I’m seeing are in colder areas is it safe in australia?

    Do you need a walk in fridge or a cool fly proof spot or what?

    Is it a temperature thing, would australian cool day meat need less than the 18-24 days I hear people talking about hanging beef for in the uk?


    Hanging meat does improve taste and texure BUT it must be done at a constant tempriture below 5C to stop the meat spoiling, so usually a cold room is a must.

    We only hang lamb overnight, beef from a week to ten days and venison a minumum of 10 days (with the hide on)…………..don’t know about pork as we dont grow our own, the wild pork we trap we only hang overnight or a couple of days.


    Yes, definitely a cold room in Oz, UK is completely different from here – or you could stuff it all the fridge if you have room πŸ™‚

    Our mobile butcher only hangs it for 3 days, though others we’ve spoken to say a week is better. We had a steer and a pig done last time and they only stayed in there 3 days.

    After we’ve packed it all into freezer bags we leave it in the cold room for another 3-4 days and turn it every day, we bring it up to the chest freezer over the next 3-4 days. That way some of it is frozen before the next lot comes in and it doesn’t over-work the freezer.


    we had some kangaroo, we hung it overnight in winter, and then bagged it and put in fridge for a few days.. it was awful, may have been because the animal was an older male, BUT i wouldn’t try to pack it in the fridge again .. i think it needs to breath and having it in little bags didn’t do it good.

    We have a big second hand fridge now which will fit a lamb or rabbits in.. i will post in here how it goes when we try it out.


    Hi, It very much depends on your area and the temperatures. We had some funny experiences in Glen Innes in winter where we hung our pigs and they would freeze overnight…but generally a week is a good time (in correct conditions under 5 degrees)….basically it is a sliding scale, if you can get it down to 1 or 2 degrees (a professional coolroom) beef can be hung for three weeks (might have to cut the outer layer of the meat off but this is what is done with prime eye fillet in top restaurants. 4 to 5 degrees up, is a sliding scale, the hotter it is the faster the meat goes off, so yes you can have it in 7 opr 8 degrees outside and freshly killed, might last for 4 or 5 days, depending of course on flies and how you have protected it.

    We have done a bullock, 3 years old so a lot of meat, in south gipsland (many years ago) and it hung for three days under a tree but really the longer it can be hung, often the better the meat. In days gone past, people ate their meat more “ripe” but they had the correct stomach biology to do this, we have become much softer and there must adjust accordingly.

    Ours pigs are hung for a week in a coolroom.

    Hope that helps.




    we used to home kill our own beef, it used to hang for 14 days in our coolroom.Had it on 2-3 deg. we even butchered the beef in the coolroom.brr

    it not only tasted better, but the meat whas firmer to cut up. how we miss our own organic beef.


    Mauzi, where in south gippsland were you? I grew up out that way. Had lots of family friends as a child that did their own meat πŸ™‚


    Vickie, we did most of our meat products in Glen Innes, northern NSW but I did spend a bit of time down leongatha way many years ago now though. We now live in Tasmania.


    Mauzi, i still have family in leongatha, DH and my sister both went to school there. we lived closer to welshpool though. I had to giggle when you mentioned the pigs freezing.. that would have thrown you a bit πŸ˜‰


    live in western victoria(near horsham) and all the locals hang their sheep for 4 to 5 days on a tree(in winter only thou).

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