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    Thank you littlelionsma :hug: you have sent me sooo much lovely stuff! I got a new dishcloth (needed a new one) a rainbow crocheted headband, a little cutlery holder and serviette :hug: (mine for work lunches now I think 😉 ) and a lovely bag that is covered in very clever needlework and applique (Alex is wowing at it right now)

    Thank you for your time and kind gifts :hug:

    Just getting the photos, I’ll put them up soon


    So glad you like them Jaymes 😀 Have to admit my Ma did the clever bag and cutlery holder/serviette…she is a mad quilter :geek:

    Enjoy to the fullest! :hug:

    Lady Bee

    Am I right in presuming we can now call the Handmade Swap officially closed?

    If anyone hasn’t received anything, please holler NOW!!!

    I’ll post details up of the next swap very soon – watch out for it.



    Lookin’ forward to it, thanks so much Lady B :clap:




    Um, Hi. My name is Woz, and I’m a faulty Swapper. 🙁

    Sorry folks, I also got hit with more than my fair share of curve balls these last few months. Have dealt with some, still quite a few that need attention though.

    BUT, my much belated swap is finally on its way, should arrive early next week.

    And, yes, I did get my pressie quite some time ago. A lovely address book with a hand painted Magpie on the front and some hand made cards with coloured gum leaves. Not sure who from, must investigate. Will post pics soon.



    To my swap buddy – Thank you so much for the pin cushion jar. It has totally revolutionised my sewing!!! No more holding pins in my mouth hoping not to swallow them. I can now just stick them in the pin cushion.

    And no more pins lying all over the floor, table and loose in my sewing box. They are all stored nicely in the jar when not in use or in the pin cushion

    Judi B

    Thank you Woz:hug: I got my parcel the other day now I feel like I have cheated by getting 2 pressies this swap.

    The spice mixes smell good.


    to all those having a rough time of it! :hug: to you. I hope above all hopes that Im just out of the woods myself. Its been incredibly difficult for a lot of people this year. Not sure why however? but on the bright side, we’re almost done with this year, and into a full NEW one! so, I hope everyone’s troubles end soon and the new year begins well for everyone! (Myself included!) :kiss1: :hug:

Viewing 8 posts - 436 through 443 (of 443 total)
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