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    Boy wrangler – never underestimate knitting. Only today I said to DW that it’s the one crafting skill I wish I could do. It’s so much more practical than cross-stitch! I have a pair of knitted socks from someone on ALS (sorry – I have forgotten who sent them – it was over 2 years ago) and I still wear them around the house. They are fantastic. And when I was a kid my Oma knitted me a jumper and sent it all the way from Holland. I wore that jumper for many years before it fell apart.

    Knitting must rock! :metal:

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Sounds like Herbie needs a knitting tutor…….


    Hey Herbie – if I can knit then you can too:clap::clap::clap:

    boy wranglerboy wrangler

    Herbie, like Margo said, if you can read to follow the pattern its not too difficult, just time consuming! The end results are worth it though!


    OT – Mum was a great knitter when I was (much) younger. Over the years I have grown and she has shrunk, but the jumpers are still in “well cared for as new” nic, so she is wearing them . What goes around, comes around.


    I don’t doubt I can do it. Just don’t know the technique -Lady B is right – I prolly just need a tutor 😀 …

    Have to say – got on the sewing machine for the first time in 2 years this morning and made a cushion for the couch. But ran out of cotton thread so have to buy some so that I can make the covers. Am very chuffed 🙂 🙂 … Took a while to remember how to thread the bobbin though 😆

    boy wranglerboy wrangler

    Herbie have a look at

    it has heaps of easy to follow videos!


    Yeap i am in…………………. I am a happy vegiemite. Just bring it on.. Jenny


    Hey boywrangler – I’ve tried using that site. But it just didn’t work. For practical things I need to learn by sitting with someone IRL. My Oma is coming to Australia at the end of the year. She taught me to sew and no doubt will teach me to knit 😉


    I’m in! Will send a PM to you in a minne Lady B.

    Well I like all colours, I like cooking food (especially if it has no preservatives), I don’t eat Jam, but my niece does. I love chocolate and it doesn’t keep well in my house.

    I’m running out of warm socks badly and can’t knit well (it’s following the pattern that does me in) but I can crochet dishcloths.

    I sew my own clothes and make aprons, bags and other small items and love receiving assistance from my family to enable me to do so.

    I read a lot and I love my dog.

    I think that will do…

    Lizzy 😀


    me me me ….. I wanna play.

    I like hand made stuff…… particularly foods, soaps, and stuff I can share with my food obsessed partner and our two kiddies. Boy 2 yrs and girl 5 yrs …. very girly but loves to play hard ball in the shed with me and dig in the garden.

    I also love to garden and do some wood work and generally potter around. I really love my chickens ….both the ones I pat, the ones I take eggs from and the ones I eat. They all get love but some are used differently than others. They all get cuddles from me, the kiddies but NOT the DW as she “just dosent do birds!”

    My tag line kind of says it all really as we are really in to recycling and useing thigs as many times as we can in many different ways.

    Oh …. and if I get someone who wants to knit me some woolie winter indoor sock slippery things my foot size is 10 mens and my wife uses my socks as well :tongue:

    I love strong colours not pastels …. I really am not so interested in the pastel thingy ….although I have to admit I have seen some really nice pastels.

    I am open to anything really .. i guess.

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Spanner, if you’re going to have Yoda as your avatar – post like him you must.

    Off topic, but there’s a member on another forum who writes in olde worlde English. It’s a pleasure to read, albeit a bit hard going to understand sometimes.

    Kais MummyKais Mummy

    I am very new here but would love to be part of the swap,it sounds fantastic.

    As for me I’m mum to Kai who is 21 months old,love to cook for him and his daddy……Love recipes,soap,my herbs and surprises!!!!


    i have sent you a pm

    i so love bright colours especially hot pink,anything handmade

    but please oh please no foodie stuff thanks


    oh! me too! Can I join as well?

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 443 total)
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